In Everybody’s Language

2017. augusztus 04., tags: ministry to people with disabilities, immanuel home

The Immanuel House in Debrecen is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in a special way: on June 8, an ecumenical, easy-to-understand Bible was presented specifically for disabled people. We talked with Zsófia Győri, Director of the Immanuel House of the Reformed Great Church in Debrecen, about the publication.

Sightseeing Tour of Debrecen with the International Visitors

2017. augusztus 04., tags: Starpoint, rch, starpoint, youth ministry

One afternoon the international visitors of the Starpoint Festival set off for a sightseeing tour of Debrecen.

Academics Spark Discussion in Debrecen

2017. július 20., tags: reformation jubilee

A high-level conference recently took place in Debrecen, Hungary as part of the city’s Reformation celebrations. Prominent church leaders were in attendance, as well as many important academics who received honorary doctorates from the Debrecen Reformed Theological University in the past. 

Helping Youth Gain a Sense of Unity

2017. július 18., tags: Starpoint, youth festival, starpoint

Days at the RCH’s Starpoint Youth Festival are organized for optimal spiritual growth – each activity and gathering seeks to promote this. Thought-provoking and relatable speakers will talk to participants each day and their messages will be driven home through a variety of engaging free-time activities open to festival-goers. 

Living Into God’s Vision

2017. július 13., tags: scottish mission, refugee ministry, Scottish Mission, refugee

A local congregation again partnered with the RCH’s Refugee Integration non-profit to put on a superb English camp at the end of July. The camp brought together a diverse group of children and adults and was a life-changing experience for all of them.

WCRC Leadership Creates a Bold Vision for the Future

2017. július 11., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), partership

Every seven years the World Communion of World Churches hosts its General Council, a gathering of reformed churches from around the world. This year’s gathering was held in Leipzig, Germany and many representatives from the RCH were in attendance. 

Eurodiaconia Members Address Precariousness Together

2017. június 29., tags: eurodiaconia, Eurodiaconia

The 2017 Eurodiaconia Annual General Meeting recently took place in Oslo, Norway, and was attended by important professionals from the RCH and it’s partner partner organization, Kalunba. In total, there were 90 participants representing churches and social service providers from 33 different countries and territories.

No Longer Foreigners and Strangers

2017. június 29., tags: churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme), refugee

In advance of it’s General Assembly, the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe held a conference in Prague on June 23-24 which brought together more than 70 representatives, including a large delegation from Hungary. The conference of experts from across Europe confirmed churches’ role in creating an atmosphere of welcome and integrating migrants and refugees into society. 

Celebration and Recommitment

2017. június 27., tags: common synod, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc)

The Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) took place in Debrecen on 24 June, 2017. This year is one of great celebrations for our church as it marks the 450th anniversary of the establishment of the HRC and the occasion of the adoption of a new translation of the Second Helvetic Confession.

Solidarity Across the Continent

2017. június 23., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), reformation jubilee, pertnership

Members of the European Reformed church family send messages of support and reformation to the Hungarian church as the WCRC General Council draws closer. To strengthen the network of Reformed churches in Europe, leaders from denominations in Ireland and Italy, as well as a WCRC representative, gathered to share inspirational words of wisdom with the RCH. 

We Share an Active Faith

2017. június 20., tags: presbyterian church in canada, partnership

The PCC and RCH have a long standing relationship, one which has lately focused on the development of youth in the church and the shared experiences of lay women in leadership. Two lay women from the RCH recently visited the PCC to continue building the relationship between the two churches. 

In Unity With God, In Community With Each Other

2017. június 20., tags: youth, Starpoint, festival, starpoint

With the Starpoint reformed youth festival coming up soon, organizers of the event gathered recently to hold a press conference. In this venue, staff discussed the events theme of Reformation, how Starpoint will be organized, and some of the musical artists who will be performing.

High-level Support for Young Persecuted Christians

2017. június 14., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

The Hungarian government has recently launched a scholarship program to support young persecuted Christians in reaching their educational goals in Hungary. The program will begin in the fall and will be open to youth from countries throughout the Middle East and Africa. 

You Must be a Change to Make a Change

2017. június 14., tags: youth ministry

The RCH’s Youth Assembly recently met on April 28-29 and discussed the building and formation of congregations. Calvinist youth from across Hungary came together for two days of fellowship, community, discussions, and spiritual growth. 

Reformation Inspiration Underfoot

2017. június 09., tags: reformation jubilee

In honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a permanent installation has been created at Kalvin square in Budapest. 95 new paver stones have been added to the busy pedestrian area, paying tribute both to early reformers and prominent Hungarians. 

WCRC Takes a Stand for the Transylvanian Reformed Church District

2017. június 09., tags: reformed church district in transylvania, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), partnership, wold communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

Jerry Pillay, President of the WCRC, recently made a solidarity visit to the Reformed Church District in Transylvania. During this visit, Pillay met with Bishop Béla Kató to discuss the plight of Hungarians living in Romania and offer his support to strengthen the church through acts of solidarity

Guard the Fortress!

2017. június 06., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), unity day

Guard the Fortress! was the motto for the celebration of the Hungarian Reformed Church Unity Day this year, held on May 20 in Oradea (Nagyvárad) in a recently renovated fortress. Thousands of people from the Carpathian Basin took part in the event and the pastors spoke about how the survival of the Hungarian Reformed Community is dependent on guarding the castle as the Word of God, the Truth of Christ.

Hungary Signs Accord to Support Iraqi Clinic

2017. május 31., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

The government of Hungary recently signed an accord with the Archbishop of Erbil to donate a large sum of money to a hospital in Iraq that serves mainly Christian refugees. The gift is meant to cover the clinic’s medicinal supplies for the next six months. 

Cherish Your Young People

2017. május 30., tags: starpoint, festival, Starpoint, youth

Glynis Williams, of the PCC, has a message for the RCH in light of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation – young people are vital to the life of the church. The PCC and RCH have a long standing relationship, and one that has recently focused on the youth of the church as last year a group of HRC youth attended the Canada Youth gathering last summer. These same young people are now helping to run Starpoint – the RCH’s biannual youth festival.

Word of Life

2017. május 29., tags: partnership, Church of Scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS), church of scotland (cofs)

The Church of Scotland recently held its annual General Assembly and five delegates from the Scottish Mission in Budapest were in attendance for the event. The meeting was held in Edinburgh and lasted from May 20-26, 2017.

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