Reformation Memorial Committee Meeting

2017. október 18., tags: reformation jubilee

The Reformation Memorial Committee held a commemorative session in the Upper House Hall of the House of Parliament Building on the 5th October.

Joint Synod Meeting of the Reformed Church and the Lutheran Church in Hungary

2017. október 13., tags: joint synod meeting, evangelical-lutheran church in hungary, rch

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary held a joint Synod meeting and worship service in Budapest.

#LiveTheBorder. Churches took an ecumenical stance exploring migration issues

2017. október 10., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

“Living and Witnessing the Border”, an international conference held from 30 September – 4 October in Palermo and Lampedusa, gathered a hundred participants from churches and ecumenical organizations from Europe and the US, including the WCRC Task Force on Migration and its member representing the Reformed CHurch in Hungary,

God can be Found Anywhere

2017. október 09., tags: Starpoint, youth festival, starpoint, youth ministry

Sabrina Ebengho, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

A Little Help on the Way to Damascus

2017. október 06., tags: roma ministry

The Roma Mission of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District and the Drop of Help Foundation for Underprivileged People participated in Family Day, a civil conference and workshop.

Comprehensive Agreement signed between the Hungarian Government and the RCH

2017. október 06., tags: church-state relations

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and leaders of the Reformed Church in Hungary signed an agreement on Wednesday outlining the basic principles of relations between the government and the RCH.

Matter of Existence

2017. október 05., tags: reformation, interview

“We need to build new fortresses and new fortifications to protect The Hungarian Reformed Church. Our main focus is on the rebuilding of the church in Transylvania. The question is, will we be able to renew ourselves and maintain the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania?” We talked with bishop Béla Kató of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District which hosted the Presidium of the General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Cluj (Kolozsvár) on September 29th. 

Witnessing Together to the Power of God’s Love

2017. október 03., tags: partnership

Bishop Dr Gusztáv Bölcskei, on behalf of the RCH, recently attended the Global Forum for the Future of World Christianity’s 2nd International Forum in Seoul, Korea. The event gathered church leaders from around the world to identify new, creative and deeply spiritual (dynamic) alternatives for promoting common witness in the areas of unity and mission; diaconia and education; and promoting justice and peace.

Hungary would like to be a refuge for persecuted Christians

2017. október 02., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

“Hungary would like to be a refuge for persecuted Christians”, Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog said on Friday in Budapest.

Longstanding Commitment for Mission and Service in Hungary

2017. szeptember 29., tags: honorary professorship, reformed theological academy in sarospatak

On 10 September 2017, at the opening ceremony of the new academic year, Dr Robert Edison Bailey from the Presbyterian Church, USA was awarded honorary professorship.

The Week of Creation Begins

2017. szeptember 29., tags: eco-congregation, week of creation

The central thought for this year’s creation week “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” (John 3:16) was presented to congregations in the Reformed Church in Hungary by The Ecumenical Creation Protection Working Group in Budapest.

We are the Work of our Potter

2017. szeptember 27., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, youth festival, Starpoint

Erica Fernandez, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

Vision Trip

2017. szeptember 27., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), ukraine, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Ukraine, Sub-Carpathia

In coordination with PROK mission co-workers in Hungary, a group from the Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota (part of PCUSA) recently came to Transcarpathia on a Vision Trip. One of the youth reflects on their time in the Hungarian region of Ukraine with the HRC’s Reformed Church in Transcarpathia.

Looking Beyond the Screen

2017. szeptember 25., tags: interfilm

The RCH has a growing partnership with INTERFILM to promote a dialogue between church and film. In the future, RCH delegates will take part in the Ecumenical Jury to award religious films at festivals and take care of INTERFILM delegates who attend festivals in Hungary. 

The Significance of 450 Years’ Heritage

2017. szeptember 25., tags: reformation jubilee

The Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church was held this summer in Debrecen, and the RCH sat down to talk with church scholars about its significance. Pastors and historians were asked to talk about the importance of this year being the 450th anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Reformed Church in the Carpathian Basin.

Reformation Travels Rejuvenate Partnerships

2017. szeptember 19., tags: ucc, reformation, partnership, united church of christ (ucc), UCC

The RCH was pleased to host a high-level delegation from the UCC from September 16-19 as they explored Europe to expand their understanding of their Reformed heritage. The RCH has partnered with the UCC on many projects in the last years, including mission co-worker placements and mission projects.

Voices from the Middle East

2017. szeptember 14., tags: FMEEC, fmeec, Middle East, starpoint, Starpoint, youth festival, youth ministry

As part of a developing partnership of solidarity with churches in the Middle East, four young people from the region attended this year’s Starpoint Youth Festival in Debrecen, Hungary. During their time in Hungary, the delegates sat down with the RCH to discuss their experiences of church in their homeland and what it was like experiencing a Christian festival of this scale in Europe. 

Integration Country Program in Full Swing

2017. szeptember 13., tags: heks, HEKS, refugee ministry, refugee

In February 2017, the RCH and Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) cooperated on a Country Program for Hungary, making refugee integration one of the main priorities. As the school year begins, the HEKS/EPER-funded project is in full swing, helping children at an after-school program and sensitizing the wider church about issues surrounding human migration.

Flow Like Living Water

2017. szeptember 12., tags: Presbyterian Church of Korea, PCK, pck

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Korean Presbyterian community in Budapest, a joint congregation of the RCH and Presbyterian Church in Korea. The congregation celebrated this joyous occasion on September 10, 2017 with a special church service with RCH Presiding Bishop István Szabó. 

Hungary Reacts to Discriminatory Ukrainian Education Law

2017. szeptember 11., tags: ukraine, Ukraine, reformed church in sub-carpathia, education law

Ukraine has recently enacted a new piece of education legislation which will make it impossible for Hungarian minorities to receive schooling in their mother-tongue. KRISZ, the Youth Organization of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, recently released a statement on the new law, saying that it, “contradicts European democratic principles.”

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