Suffering Gave Us Purpose

2018. október 19., tags: joseph kassab, union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne), harout selimian, middle east, interview, rch, Middle East, syria, national evangleical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl)

Does a pastor think about running away when war breaks out? Does your religion matter at the market in Aleppo? How did suffering and the past change the members of the Reformed Churches in Syria and how do they see their future? Among others these were the topics Rev. Joseph Kassab, General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, and Rev. Haroutune Selimian, President of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria talked about during their visit to Hungary. This time, their reporters were Rev. Aaron Stevens and the participants of the panel discussion of the Scottish Mission in Budapest on Tuesday 11th October.

A Future with Hope

2018. október 16., tags: european christian enviromental network (ecen)

The 12th Assembly of ECEN met from 6-10 October 2018 under the heading ‘On the way to economic and ecological justice’ in Katowice (Poland), hosting 85 participants from 22 countries of Europe and overseas. RCH was represented by Boglárka Szűcs, coordinator of the Eco-congregation movement of RCH.

Faith for Peace and Reconciliation

2018. október 11., tags: union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne), national evangleical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), joseph kassab, Middle East, rch, middle east, harout selimian, hungarian government

A public lecture organized by the Hungarian State Secretariat for the Aid of Persecuted Christians was held at KRE with guest lecturers, Rev. Joseph Kassab and Rev. Haroutune Selimian, two church leaders from Syria. The State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians announced officially that the Hungarian Government is going to support the two Churches, NESSL and UAECNE with 2 million euros this year.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received leaders of Syrian Reformed Churches

2018. október 09., tags: prime minister, hungarian government, national evangleical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), syria, Middle East, middle east, union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne)

On Tuesday in the Parliament Building Prime Minister Viktor Orbán received the leaders of the Syrian Reformed Churches, Joseph Kassab, General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, and Haroutune George Selimian, President of the Armenian Evangelical Community of Syria.

Sharing with Syrian Church Partners

2018. október 05., tags: Middle East, syria, armenian evangelical community in syria, national evangleical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), partership, middle east

To continue and strengthen the partnership, the Reformed Church in Hungary has invited church leaders of the Armenian Protestant Community in Syria and the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon to Budapest for a Partnership Visit.

Fellowship with Syrian Reformed Church Leaders

2018. október 03., tags: national evangelical synod of lebanon and syria (nessl), union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne), syria, middle east, Middle East

Leaders of Syrian partner churches of RCH will visit Hungary next week. Rev. Harout Selimian, President of the Protestant Community in Syria and Rev. Joseph Kassab, General Secretary of the National Evangelical Synod in Syria and Lebanon will not only meet leaders of RCH and senior colleagues of its ministries, but also participate at public fora. RCH's Ecumenical Office and the St. Columba's Church of Scotland issued a joint invitation for the fellowship with our Syrian friends.

Recognition of Kalunba Graduates

2018. október 02., tags: refugee, ayman jarjour, refugee ministry, middle east, Middle East

In recognition of the recent graduates of the Interpretation course, there was a small ceremony, following a charity concert featuring internationally renowned guitarist, Ayman Jarjour in support of Kalunba Social Services Ltd.

Radical Faith

2018. szeptember 27., tags: united evangelical mission (vem/uem), partnership, VEM, vem

In continued partnership with the United Evangelical Mission, the Reformed Church in Hungary was represented at the General Assembly in Parapat, Indonesia.

Peace and Reunification

2018. szeptember 21., tags: presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok)

Representing the Reformed Church in Hungary, Rev. Balázs Ódor, ecumenical officer, attended the general assemblies of the two Korean partner churches, as well as the consultation of PROK.

You cannot say “I’m not a racist but Roma people…”

2018. szeptember 20., tags: roma ministry, interview, HEKS, heks

Over the past three and a half years, Ágnes Nyeső has become the face of the National Roma Ministry of RCH as its mission coordinator, but at the beginning of September she took on a new role as school chaplain at three institutions of Bocskai István Reformed Education Centre in the cities of Dunaújváros and Csepel. In the present interview she shares her experiences within the mission, as well as some of her fondest memories.

Commitment to the Gospel, Passion for Justice

2018. szeptember 13., tags: debrecen reformed theological university, presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, honorary doctorate

Debrecen Reformed Theological University presented Rev. Dr. Jooseop Keum with an honorary doctorate for his ecumenical engagement in shaping the Reformed and ecumenical theological thinking of our time.

Is Europe giving up its Values?

2018. szeptember 05., tags: refugee, reformed intellectuals, migration, interview

What can we learn from research studies on immigration? In this day and age, is any and all movement of people happening to the detriment of the Christian world? What religious and cultural differences exist between Europe and the Islamic world? It is such questions that Hanga Horváth-Sántha, senior researcher at the Migration Research Institute, and Nikoletta Incze, researcher at the Center for the Study of Political Islam deal with during their work. They were present at the Conference of Reformed Intellectuals in Szárszó, where we talked to them about the current situation regarding Islam and Western culture.

Strengthening Our Youth Leaders

2018. augusztus 13., tags: konfi+, interview, youth mission

“Give attention to yourself and your teaching” (1 Timothy 4:16) – Organizers chose this verse to be the motto of this year’s Konfi+ Conference. This year Oradea (Nagyvárad) in Romania hosted the Konfi + Conference from 5 to 8 August. We talked with Rev. Péter Bedekovics, Reformed pastor and the new leader of the RCH Youth Office, about the themes and preparations for the conference.

Reformed Gathering in Szárszó

2018. augusztus 26., tags: refugee, migration

The Conference of Reformed Intellectuals opened its gate once again in Balatonszárszó from 23-26 August 2018. The conference focused on immigration and emigration.

A Week of Growth

2018. augusztus 08., tags: Church of Scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS), church of scotland (cofs), Scottish Mission, childrens camp, scottish mission, refugee ministry

St. Columba’s Scottish Mission held the annual English Day Camp 2-6 July 2018. This week proved to be a week of much growth in confidence, self-esteem, and friendship.  

Values of Life, Love, Family

2018. július 27., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), emergency response, rohingyas, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca)

The medical team of the HRCA has safely returned to the loving arms of their families. Working alongside local and international aid organizations, the HRCA medical team left a long-term impact on the refugee camp. However, they did not come back empty handed.

True examples of partnership

2018. július 18., tags: partnership, refugee ministry

Extraordinary pledges, donations, and other signs of solidarity are shown from partner churches and organizations in response to a call from the Reformed Church in Hungary in support of Kalunba Social Services Ltd.

A Sign of Peace and Partnership

2018. július 10., tags: church of lippe, partnership

A delegation from the Church of Lippe, made a partnership visit to Hungary at the end of June. During this visit, the group was introduced to the recent activities of the RCH and met with representatives of various ministries.

15th Celebration of the Reformed Songs Festival

2018. július 09., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), reformed songs festival

The Reformed Songs Festival celebrated their 15th annual concert on 7 July 2018. Hundreds joined in song as the choirs performed at the largest musical celebration of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

WCRC Reaffirms Rights of Migrants

2018. július 08., tags: refugee, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The WCRC is gravely concerned with the denial of the fundamental human rights of refugees and those seeking asylum at various borders across the world. 

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