Toward Cooperation between University and Eco-Congregation Council

2017. december 08., tags: eco-congregation movement

The Eco-Congregation Movement (ECM) of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) held its annual general council on 24th November 2017 in Budapest. Beside electing a new chair, structural changes were adopted, including a close cooperation with the Károli Gárspár Reformed University.

New Co-operation in Holistic Mission

2017. december 03., tags: VEM

The Secretary General of the United Evangelical Mission (VEM), Germany, met with the representatives of our Church between 11 and 14 November and considered joint responsibility in mission co-operation and public responsibility.

Synod Meeting Closing the Reformation Memorial Year

2017. november 23., tags: synod of rch, synod, Synod

On November 22-23, the Synod Meeting of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) was held in the in Budapest. The agenda of the meeting included a report on the Starpoint Youth Festival and the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Voluntary Diaconal Year Program. The beneficiary congregation of the 2018 National Collection was also announced.

Representing the Truth Together

2017. november 17., tags: reformation jubilee

On October 31, many gathered at the László Papp Sports Arena in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Words of faith, renewal, thanksgiving, and love were shared by many Church leaders, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who said, “Reformation can be celebrated, not just as an issue of the community of a few denominations, but as a part of the common vocation that has been entrusted to all of us.”

RCH joins efforts with HEKS in supporting Sunday schools in Syria

2017. november 10., tags: Middle East, rch, hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), fellowship of middle east evangelical churches (fmeec), middle east, national evangelical synod of lebanon and syria (nessl)

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) is joining the HEKS/EPER and FMEEC collaboration in support of the Sunday school project in Syria. In light of the recent partnership, the HRCA launched a communications campaign to invite Reformed congregations to dedicate an offering to the Reformed communities in the Middle East.

Reformation worship in Ludovica

2017. november 03., tags: reformation jubilee

The reformed and protestant heroes of the First World War were remembered by the Protestant Military Chaplaincy and the Ministry of Defense (MD) on October 17th in the renovated chapel of the Royal Hungarian Ludovica Defense Academy.

They Agreed to Be Parents

2017. november 03., tags:

Thanks to the open spirits of the people of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County, Örökösföld is not the only Reformed community to be built by the Reformed Congregation in Nyíregyháza. On October 29, RCH congregation members were invited to support the construction of a new Reformed Church in the neighbourhood of a housing estate through the giving of their offerings.  

We need governance that follows Christian values

2017. november 01., tags: reformation jubilee

In the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena, at the official national event commemorating the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán argued for Christian values in governance.

Cooperation Agreement is born in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine

2017. október 27., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), reformed church in sub-carpathia, Ukraine, Bethesda Children Hospital, Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia, ukraine, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc)

A unique agreement on patient care and professional training was signed by the Bethesda Children's Hospital of RCH and the Children’s Hospital of the Sub-Carpathian County in Munkacsevo (Munkács) on 30th September. The signing ceremony took place in the Good Samaritan Reformed Children's Home. 

New exhibition in honour of Scots missionary opens in Budapest

2017. október 27., tags: scottish mission, Scottish Mission, 175

A special exhibition honouring a Scot who died in Auschwitz has officially opened in her adopted home city of Budapest.

Youth Prayer Night 2017

2017. október 26., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), youth mission, hungarian reformed church (hrc), prayer night

Youth Prayer Night in the Carpathian Basin is being organized annually. This year the Reformation is the theme of the Prayer Night. where bishops of the Hungarian Reformed Community within and beyond the Hungarian border, call the youth for participation to.

From Revolutionist to Bishop

2017. október 21., tags: united church of christ (ucc), revolution

Zoltán Szűcs still misses his two friends who he lost in 1956 when he took part in the revolution as a theologian 61 years ago. He first immigrated to Austria and then to America where he completed his theological studies. He served as a pastor for his entire life and also served as a bishop of the Church District of a Hungarian Reformed Community in the US, the Calvin Synod of the United Church of Christ, for two terms. Later, he bought an apartment in Hungary to hold onto a piece of his country. 

Reformation Memorial Committee Meeting

2017. október 18., tags: reformation jubilee

The Reformation Memorial Committee held a commemorative session in the Upper House Hall of the House of Parliament Building on the 5th October.

Joint Synod Meeting of the Reformed Church and the Lutheran Church in Hungary

2017. október 13., tags: joint synod meeting, evangelical-lutheran church in hungary, reformation jubilee

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Hungary held a joint Synod meeting and worship service in Budapest.

#LiveTheBorder. Churches took an ecumenical stance exploring migration issues

2017. október 10., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

“Living and Witnessing the Border”, an international conference held from 30 September – 4 October in Palermo and Lampedusa, gathered a hundred participants from churches and ecumenical organizations from Europe and the US, including the WCRC Task Force on Migration and its member representing the Reformed CHurch in Hungary,

God can be Found Anywhere

2017. október 09., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, youth festival, Starpoint

Sabrina Ebengho, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

A Little Help on the Way to Damascus

2017. október 06., tags: roma ministry

The Roma Mission of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District and the Drop of Help Foundation for Underprivileged People participated in Family Day, a civil conference and workshop.

Comprehensive Agreement signed between the Hungarian Government and the RCH

2017. október 06., tags: church-state relations

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and leaders of the Reformed Church in Hungary signed an agreement on Wednesday outlining the basic principles of relations between the government and the RCH.

Matter of Existence

2017. október 05., tags: reformation, interview

“We need to build new fortresses and new fortifications to protect The Hungarian Reformed Church. Our main focus is on the rebuilding of the church in Transylvania. The question is, will we be able to renew ourselves and maintain the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania?” We talked with bishop Béla Kató of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District which hosted the Presidium of the General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Cluj (Kolozsvár) on September 29th. 

Witnessing Together to the Power of God’s Love

2017. október 03., tags: partnership

Bishop Dr Gusztáv Bölcskei, on behalf of the RCH, recently attended the Global Forum for the Future of World Christianity’s 2nd International Forum in Seoul, Korea. The event gathered church leaders from around the world to identify new, creative and deeply spiritual (dynamic) alternatives for promoting common witness in the areas of unity and mission; diaconia and education; and promoting justice and peace.

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