Bishop Béla Halász Re-elected

2017. január 11., tags: election, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), reformed christian church in serbia, reformed christian church in Serbia

National elections took place in the Reformed Christian Church in Serbia at the end of 2016 and the Bishop’s Office has announced the results of the elections recently.

House Speaker Opens Reformation Memorial Year

2017. január 09., tags: reformation

House Speaker László Kövér opened Hungary’s memorial year marking the 500th anniversary of Reformation in Europe in Budapest’s Palace of Arts (Müpa) on Friday.

A Visual History of the Hungarian City of Reformation

2017. január 06., tags: reformation, rch, city of reformation, reformation jubilee

Debrecen Reformed Theological University, in anticipation of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 and Debrecen’s role as a City of the Reformation, has produced a video highlighting the connections between the city and the Reformation.

A Glance Back at 2016

2016. december 27., tags: 2016

We look back at 2016 – a year of fulfilling partnerships and vital church initiatives. Over the last year, the RCH has been involved in global efforts to spread Christ’s love to the world in tangible ways.

Share the Light

2016. december 21., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

In this week leading up to the celebration of the birth of our Saviour we cannot turn away from the continuing turbulence and unbridled violence ravaging our world, writes Chris Ferguson as he, on behalf of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, calls to prayer for peace.

Govt's Extra Support to Church Schools

2016. december 19., tags:

The government has decided to grant an extra 54 billion forints (EUR 173m) from this year’s state coffers to church-run schools and kindergartens.

Christmas Message of the General Convent

2016. december 15., tags: hungarian reformed church, general convent, christmas

Christmas Message to the Congregations and Institutions of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

The City of Reformation

2016. december 15., tags: reformation, debrecen, Debrecen, city of reformation, rch

As 2017 comes closer, the RCH and the Hungarian city of Debrecen prepare for Reformation celebrations. Debrecen has been chosen as a City of Reformation for the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation and is busy preparing festivities for the coming year. The RCH is also preparing to celebrate the 450-year anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed Church in 2017, one that will tie into Reformation celebrations in Hungary.

Holy Season at the Scottish Mission

2016. december 14., tags: scottish mission, Scottish Mission, anniversary, christmas, church of scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS), Church of Scotland (cofs), 175

The Church of Scotland has created an online Advent calendar with daily videos from the CofS ministries team to bring the true spirit of Christmas to life. One day will even feature St. Columba’s congregation in Budapest, a dual-affiliated church with the RCH. 

Migration Through a Theological Lens

2016. december 14., tags: churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme), world council of churches (wcc), conference of european churches (cec), refugee

CEC, CCME, and WCC gathered 30 participants from a diversity of church backgrounds to discuss migration through a theological lens. Rev Aaron Stevens from the Scottish Mission, a joint congregation of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Church of Scotland, represented Hungary at the meeting.

They’re Not From Mars

2016. december 13., tags: statement on inclusion, interview

A statement regarding the acceptance of our disabled brothers and sisters in the church was adopted at the recent November Synod meeting. The statement was prepared by experts from the Transtibiscan region and it was suggested that institutions and congregations should implement it in their missions. Coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the RCH talked to Ms. Zsófia Győri, Director of the Immanuel House of the Reformed Great Church in Debrecen.

Accessible Church

2016. december 08., tags: synod, ministry to people with disabilities, statement, Synod

RCH Synod met on 16-17th November and discussed the importance of welcoming people with disabilities into the church.

CEC Welcomes Assembly Coordintor

2016. december 04., tags: conference of european churches (cec), cec assembly

The Conference of European Churches has named Szabolcs Lörincz, former Head of Finances of RCH, as Assembly Coordinator for its upcoming General Assembly, which will take place in Novi Sad (Serbia) from 30 May to 6 June, 2018.

RCH Takes Part in New Erasmus+ Project

2016. december 01., tags: refugee ministry, refugee, erasmus, partnerschaft

Erasmus+, the European Union program that supports education, training, youth, and sports in Europe, is beginning an exciting new project that the RCH is partnering with – the Train the Unknown Trainer (TUT) project. The RCH will take on a leadership role among other churches and organizations in the project and as partner will even host one of the five TUT meetings in the coming years. 

Building Bridges Between East and West

2016. november 27., tags: Middle East, fmeec, persecution, refugee

RCH Ecumenical Officer, and Co-moderator of WCRC Europe’s Task Force on Migration and Refugee, Balázs Ódor, recently attended a conference in Lebanon with the Fellowship of the Middle East Evangelical Churches.  It is FMEEC’s third International Conference on Evangelicals and Christian Presence in the East, seeking to bring churches from the East and the West together. Questions of a Cross-regional approach of reformed Churches to Migration were part of the discussions.

RCH mourns for John Humphreys

2016. november 24., tags: urc, john humphreys

The Revd John Humphreys, who served in Hungary from 1985 to 1989, died last week, peacefully at home after a short illness. John was 65 years old, and had retired from ministry only a few months earlier. He will be sadly and painfully missed in our Church, for his outstanding gifts as a pastor and leader and also for his warm and generous friendship.

WCRC Europe Addresses Migration

2016. november 23., tags: refugee, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The unprecedented flood of refugees into Europe prompted the Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Europe (WCRC Europe) to create a “Task Force on Migration and Refugee” to explore appropriate responses to the crisis.

Welcoming Those of all Abilities

2016. november 17., tags: reformation, synod, Synod, starpoint

RCH Synod met for the sixth meeting of the 14th cycle on 16-17th November. They discussed the importance of welcoming people with disabilities into the church, appointing new members to the HRCA Board of Trustees, the upcoming Reformation Jubilee, as well as the Starpoint Youth Festival.

Bishop Lajos Gulácsy died at age 92

2016. november 10., tags: reformed church in subcarpathia, ukraine, Ukraine

Lajos Gulácsy passed away on Sunday, November 6, 2016. He was laid to rest on November 8 in Munkács, a town in Subcarpathia. During his life, Gulácsy was a passionate advocate for Hungarians in Subcarpathia and was honored for his work with many awards. 

WCRC Europe's Task Force on Migration

2016. november 10., tags: wcrc europe, refugee minisry, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), refugee

After its second meeting in Katerini, Greece the WCRC Europe's Task Force issued the following statement on Migration. 

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