Reformed Schools’ Campaign for Syria

2019. november 21., tags: hungarian reformed church(hrc), general convent, armenian evangelical community in syria, syria, General Convent

This year we celebrate the 10 year Reformed Educational Fund that aims to express and strengthen the solidarity within the Hungarian Reformed Community by supporting Reformed educational projects throughout the Carpathian Basin. In gratitude for the past 10 year, now the fund will support the renovation of the Armenian Evangelical School in Damascus.

To Arrive into the Presence

2019. november 18., tags: interview, art

Since 2007, every year on the third week of September, the Ars Sacra Festival is organized, providing space in different forms of art for the sacred. In connection with this program, an exhibition was opened in September called Fragmentum – contemporary sacred photography that examines the fragmentation of human recognition and remembrance. One of the twenty exhibitors is the photographer and poet Gyöngyi Hegedűs, with whom we were speaking about art, faith, flow and „scandalousness”.

A World of Neighbours

2019. november 15., tags: refugee, refugee mniistry, refugee ministry

Through the programme Interreligious Praxis for Peace - a World of Neighbours, the Church of Sweden wishes to promote peaceful coexistence and social and existential sustainability in Europe. Among other things, the programme -aims to reinforce and highlight the work being done for people on the move.

Let’s Search for the One!

2019. november 14., tags: General Convent, hungarian reformed church(hrc), reformed christian calvinist church in croatia(rcccc), youth mission, general convent, youth ministry

“We need to invite the youth to get together, listen to each other, and feel that we belong together,” believes Rev. Péter Szenn, Bishop of the Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia. The representatives of the Hungarian Reformed youth organizations in the Carpathian Basin met this autumn in Kopács, where they could get to know the situation of the Reformed people living in Croatia.

Károli Scholarship for Christian Students

2019. november 08., tags: scholarship, partnership, interview

The Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary helps young people who live in difficult circumstances to obtain a diploma. The aim is that these young people help their home country’s Christian community with the knowledge they’ve gained in Hungary. 

Sewing Summer

2019. november 06., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

"One could claim that Kalunba’s mission has nothing very much to do with environmental protection. And one would be right. But yet, all of us working at Kalunba seem to share an interest in and enthusiasm for finding ways to reuse and recycle what we can." An eco-friendly project of the Refugee Integration Ministry of RCH.

We can only represent what Jesus has taught us

2019. november 06., tags: roma ministry

“There is the goodness in the deep of everyone’s value system, but the circumstances determine one’s actions. “ - believes Csaba Burai, who went through hell so that a decade later he can help young people through what he went through. The social worker and case manager of the Drug Rehabilitation Ministry called Reformed Thrown Youth Rescue Mission (KIMM) of the Reformed Church in Hungary speaks of his wasted years, the tangible reality of conversion and the everydays of Ráckeresztúr. 

The Mission of László Ravasz

2019. október 30., tags: 1956, revolution

“A white car with a red cross was sent from the Austrian embassy in the fall of 1956. It was an opportunity to go to the west if we so desired. However my grandfather had such a strong cultural definiteness (Hungarian Reformed) that our staying was not a question.” - said Éva Szacsvay, the granddaughter of László Ravasz, the former Bishop of the Danubian Reformed Church District. We asked her about the church leader’s value system, historical role, grandparental love and legacy.

Populism, Human Rights, Christian Witness

2019. október 22., tags: populism, conference of european churches (cec)

RCH was present at CEC conference in Malaga, where populism and human rights were in sharp focus. forming a common understanding of how European church actors can counter populist discourse and work together for cohesion and tolerance. Read the Press Release of CEC and the closing statement of the conference below.

Joy of Volunteering

2019. október 19., tags: youth ministry, 72hours, volunteering

The 12th "72 hour - No Compromise" volunteering action was a success, again. Almost ten thousand young people participated in the three-day-long ecumenical initiative through weekend.

European Humanitarian Corridors

2019. október 18., tags: kalunba, fcei, refugee ministry, waldensian church, humanitarian corridors

Italian humanitarian corridors set the precedent for Europe. Representatives of the Protestant church from 15 EU countries, including RCH’s refugee integration ministry, discussed this example of good practice in Rome.

Identity and Service fulfilled in Christ

2019. október 07., tags: roma ministry, interview, roma mission

According to her, people can only reach their goals through the Gospel, she can incorporate both her faith and her professional experience into her current work with Roma communities. Anita Tóth has been serving as the National Roma Mission Coordinator since September 2018. In this interview, we discussed the importance of family and traditions, the work of the Holy Spirit, and her way leading to the Synod Office.

Meeting Explores Ecclesiology and Mission

2019. október 02., tags: conference of european churches (cec)

Ecumenical officers and secretaries for theology from across Europe gathered in Kaunisniemi, Finland last week, reflecting on crucial themes in the area of ecclesiology and mission.

Gratitude and Responsibility

2019. szeptember 27., tags: eco-congregation, week of creation

The Week of Creation always starts on the last Sunday of September in Hungary, where, since 2009, the Care for Creation Ecumenical Working Group has been preparing for this beautiful season with the participation of Catholic and Protestant churches. Although the concern about climate change often causes deep eco-anxiety with good reason, now the working group aims to shift the emphasis from greediness and consumerism into joy for creation and hope. Each year, there is a highlighted theme; this year it is Gratitude and Responsibility, focusing on the beauty of this world and the task to guard the created world.

Survival though Education

2019. szeptember 25., tags: reformed christian church in serbia (rccs), hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc)

As soon as the Reformed Church finishes building a kindergarten building, a Hungarian preschool can begin in Maradék. Maradék is located in Délvidék which is in the northern part of Serbia where a rather notable Hungarian community can be found. After decades of decay, this is a remarkable development. Thanks to the arrival of a new pastor, the community is growing again making it the only congregation in all of Délvidék that is not declining in size.

Hungarian minister in new role in Shetland

2019. szeptember 23., tags: partnership, church of scotland(cofs)

A Hungarian minister has taken up a new post in Shetland where the church is undergoing a radical transformation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Together in the Body of Christ

2019. szeptember 20., tags: partnership, presbyterian church in canada (pcc)

“We are looking forward to learning and connecting,” said Rev. Amanda Currie, the Moderator of the PCC. From 16-19 September, Rev. Currie, accompanied by Nicholas Jesson and Rev. Glynis Williams, visited the RCH as part of the mission trip to Hungary and Romania.

The Kingdom of God is Among You

2019. szeptember 12., tags: Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry

The 2019 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival took place in Debrecen from 23 July to 27 July. This year, the festival focused on the theme of Unity and Community: The Kingdom of God Surrounds Us.

Even to read we must perish is dreadful

2019. szeptember 11., tags: roma ministry, roma mission

It was 75 years ago, on the night between 2 and 3 August, 1944 that Nazi Germany closed down the Gypsy camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, exterminating some three thousand Roma men, women and children – since 1972, this day has been the International Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. Initiated by the founder and artistic director of Madách Dance and Theatre Secondary School and Primary School of Arts, a physical theatre performance was created in the spring that deals with the tragedy of the Roma Holocaust. The piece has recently been performed at Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. We sat down with Gyula Sárközi to discuss the background of the performance, the title of which roughly translates as ‘The Lurking Plague of the Past’, as well as the still relevant legacy of the past events.

Issues of Fundamental Significance

2019. szeptember 10., tags: eco cognregation, eco movement

After an unfortunate veto of Hungary, Czech republic, Poland and Estonia at European Council Summit in June, the environment organizations of the Reformed and Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary wrote a letter to the President of Hungary.  The letter has been answered positively by the Office of the President.

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