In Need of More Esthers

2019. szeptember 05., tags: Starpoint, youth festival, youth mission, starpoint

Ecumenical guests journeyed to Starpoint from 11 countries and 16 partner churches of the RCH. Some expected a conference while others were surprised that, here, youthful songs were being sung. They said that because of the free space and informality, young people are able to turn to God the way it feels good to them. We spoke with eight out of the 31 guests, and we also asked them of their favorite Bible verse that gives them strength.

RCH at Summer School on Human Rights

2019. augusztus 02., tags: vem, VEM, united evangelical mission (vem/uem)

Thanks to the generous support of the Protestant Church in Rhinland (EKiR) and UEM, RCH was able to send a young participant to the training in Wuppertal. The Hungarian participant, Nóra Kozák, will be able to implement the knowledge and skills achieved during the Summer School as a volunteer of the Refugee Intergation Ministry of RCH.

Christian Values in Public Life

2019. augusztus 16., tags: Conference of Reformed Intellectuals, interview

“This upcoming conference is recommended for those who are interested in public life and what Reformed thinking, with its Protestant roots and Christian values, can add to it,” says Gábor Zila, Secretary of the Reformed Culture and Public Life Foundation, which organises the Conference of Reformed Intellectuals in Balatonszárszó. As he explains, they are trying to involve the younger generations in the discussions about our future – this year’s theme to be discussed is Christian democracy.

God does not Want a Boring Church

2019. augusztus 08., tags: church planting, reformed church in america (rca), interview

Debrecen’s newest Reformed community, the congregation of Úrrét, just turned one year old. The community, dynamically expanding and always looking for new possibilities, gathers on Sundays in the hall of one of the local primary schools – maybe they will have a church in the years to come.

Starpoint 2019: Unity and Community

2019. augusztus 02., tags: starpoint2019, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry, Starpoint

This past week the Reformed Church of Hungray hosted 31 internationals from 11 different countries and from 17 different partner church’s, many of whom are members of the World Communion of Reformed Church.

Calming the Storm

2019. augusztus 02., tags: youth ministry, Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, rch

„Let your ears hear and get into the boat of each other’s life, because we fulfill our mission when we do not walk by the others” – said Péter Pál Czeglédi to the participants during the closing worship of the ninth Starpoint Festival. The festival ended with a communion.

Let’s Help Each Other Come to Faith!

2019. augusztus 02., tags: Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, youth ministry, rch

“Feel Kingdom of God surround you as you look for Him in the middle,” said István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH, who encouraged the participants of the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. On July 23rd, the ninth Starpoint kicked off in Debrecen with more than two thousand participants.

Vision Trip to Ukraine

2019. július 22., tags: ukraine, Ukraine, reformed church in sub-carpathia, Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia

This summer marked the third consecutive year that the Korean Presbyterian Church in Minnesota paid a solidarity visit in Ukraine, and served among the reformed communities in Sub-Carpathia. Read a personal testimony about the vision trip written by one of the young members of the mission team, Lee Jeena.    

Starpoint Youth Festival

2019. július 22., tags: rch

God Surrounds You

2019. július 22., tags: rch, starpoint2019, youth festival, youth mission

At this year's Starpoint, we want to show you how we are all surrounded by God’s love, even if we don't feel it or we haven't recognized it yet. In 2019, Debrecen will, again, host the meeting of the Reformed young people of the Carpathian Basin. This time, the theme will be unity and community.

Hungarian Protestants expressed commitment for climate-neutral Europe

2019. július 19., tags: eco-congregation movement, eco-congregation

Reformed and Lutheran Churches’ environmental organisations sent a letter to the President in Hungary in support of the EU long-term climate strategy for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050. Below you can read the letter signed by the Presidents of the Eco-Congregation Movement of Reformed Church in Hungary and the Ararat Creation Protection Working Group of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary. 

Friends in Need

2019. július 15., tags: presbyterian church of korea(pck), partnership, korea, Korea

“We have received so much love and support from you amid our numerous crises, and now wanted to return the favour and express our friendship also through raising funds,” said Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó on Sunday, during the worship service of the Korean-speaking Reformed Congregation in Budapest. During the service, the Ministerial President of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) handed over the 11,000 USD donation raised for the support of the survivors of the May boat tragedy, as well as of the bereaved families and orphaned children.

Application Call for ThM program in English

2019. július 09., tags: Master's program, Karoli Gáspár Reformed University, Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Károli Gáspár University, károli gáspár university

Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary is offering a new Master of Theology program in English. The application deadline has been extended.

Mission through Music

2019. július 08., tags: presbyterian church of korea (pck), music

The choir of the Women’s Association of the PCK started their mission tour at the Reformed congregation in Slovakia, continued through Hungary, and concluded in Croatia.

Committed to Children’s Education

2019. július 04., tags: interview, learning material

The Development Team of Learning Materials for Reformed Schools is not simply producing traditional textbooks, they are developing modern, customisable digital teaching materials, as well as amplifying forward-thinking initiatives. We asked Zoltán Pompor, who is in charge of the team, what he considers to be the strengths of Reformed education.

More than a Festival

2019. június 28., tags: youth, Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint

“We can also experience at Starpoint that the Christian faith is not outdated, but God’s Kingdom is present and all around us,” emphasized Péter Bedekovics. At this year’s Reformed Youth Festival, we encourage young people to think about how they can shape the world to resemble God’s Kingdom more and more. Besides this, more than 100 cultural, public, scientific, psychological, musical and sports programs are waiting for those who are interested.

I was a stranger and you welcomed me

2019. június 26., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, migration

“Church and Migration is a topic that deals with people in church and society worldwide. Depending on the context, the challenges are different, but as a church, we are all confronted with the issue of migration,” reads the letter of invitation from the EkvW to its International Ecumenical Conference.

We Are Not Small

2019. június 25., tags: middle east, syria, interview, Middle East

The Reformed Congregation in Szentendre has begun building relations with a congregation in Syria. They would like to send financial aid, and perhaps, even travel to the war-torn country. We asked Rev. András Harmathy about the details.

World Refugee Day

2019. június 20., tags: refugee mniistry, conference of european churches (cec), refugee ministry, migrants, churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

In honor of World Refugee Day, the CCME and the CEC shared a call for partner and member churches to remember those who have died on their journey to find a dignified life in Europe. The RCH joins the international initiative.

Dare to Have Questions!

2019. június 11., tags: youth, Starpoint, starpoint

“I wish that our young people think about ways to shape our world so that it may look more like God’s Kingdom,” says Rev. Márton Járay, the keynote speaker at this year’s Starpoint Festival. Theologian and counselor, Járay experiences how God’s love surrounds him in his everyday life. This is why he is happy to speak about it at the morning lectures at this year’s festival. First we ask him.

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