The 10th Annual Reformed Music Festival

2013. május 31., tags: annual, music festival, youth

This year the Reformed Music Festival was held for the tenth time in Budapest. This three-day program contained musical performances and cultural activities as well as conversations from the seat of the university to the seat of the Parliament.

Bridge of Love 2013

2013. május 28., tags: hungarian reformed church aid, voluntary

Sixteen thousand applicants registered for the Bridge of Love this year, more than ever before. The two-day event is a great opportunity for both young and elderly people to be part of a community and serve for a good cause across the Carpathian Basin.

An Exciting New Community Centre for the Refugee Mission

2013. május 21., tags: mission to the people, reformed mission centre (rmc), refugee, refugee ministry

It is an extremely busy but exciting time for the RCH's Refugee Mission of the Reformed Mission Centre as it works to organize a newly acquired building in the heart of Budapest. The building will serve as the Mission's new community centre.

Summary of the RCH Synod Youth Forum

2013. május 14., tags: youth ministry, youth forum, youth

According to statistics, there is a diminishing amount of young people involved in the church. The Synod Youth Forum has expressed its intentions to contest this fact. The Forum was held 19-20 April with more than 40 young participants.

RCH Film Campaign Awarded Again

2013. május 13., tags: A fiú, hypnosis, christmas, the boy, campaign, a fiú

The Reformed Church in Hungary won the first and third prize at the prestigious advertisement competition, Hypnosis, with two of its most recent marketing campaigns - The boy and We All Sit At One Table.

How Natural Are We? – Eco-Congregation Conference in Budapest

2013. május 10., tags: conference, green, eco-congregation

The Eco-Congregation Council of the Reformed Church of Hungary organized a conference on 27 April with the main topic of the conference focusing on the question: Our synthetic life: How natural are we inside?

Interview with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

2013. május 10., tags: ecumenical, interview, partner church, prok

Recently a delegation from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea visited the RCH. The following interview is with Rev. Dr. Min Heui Cheon, the Executive Secretary of the Ecumenical Relations Department for the PROK.

East in West: Kirchentag 2013

2013. május 01., tags: kirchentag, hamburg, ecumenical, 2013, blog

Follow the RCH's participation in the German Protestant Kirchentag 2013 in Hamburg! Read about the festival events and the team's activities throughout the week right here through pictures and daily blog posts.

Summary of the April Synod Session

2013. április 26., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), synod, church revision, 2013, Synod

The spring meeting of the Synod, the highest decision-making body of the Reformed Church in Hungary, opened with a devotion by Dean István Csegei and the 12th session of the 13th Synod cycle was officially called to session by RCH Lay President Pál Huszár.

The RCH to Participate in Kirchentag 2013

2013. április 25., tags: kirchentag, hamburg, 2013

Next week the Reformed Church in Hungary will take part in a celebration of faith at the 34th German Protestant Kirchentag in Hamburg. The festival, scheduled for 1-5 May, is a forum for participation and lively debates with more than 100,000 people expected to attend.

Celebrating 450 Years with the Heidelberg Catechism

2013. április 23., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), anniversary, heidelberg cathechism

It was 450 years ago that the Heidelberg Catechism was first published. From 1653 onward this booklet saw rapid growth, and in 2013 it is still being used by millions of people belonging to the Reformed tradition.

Touch: The Dialogue Powering Revision

2013. április 19., tags: church revision, synod, Synod

The Church Revision Committee of the Reformed Church in Hungary was created to examine the lives of local congregations and through dialogue determine a national strategy. After its approval during the last Synod meeting in November 2012, the Revision Committee set about examining the best way to create meaningful discussion among the RCH's 1,249 congregations.

Staggering Census Numbers Released

2013. április 17., tags: 2011, census

Data from the 2011 Hungarian census has just been released, including some eye-opening statistics for the church. According to the report, the number of people claiming a Reformed affiliation in Hungary has decreased to 1.15 million.

Task: Community and Unity in Délvidék

2013. április 15., tags: inauguration, béla halász, serbia, bishop, reformed christian church in serbia, Serbia

Béla Halász, the new bishop of the Reformed Christian Church in Serbia, spoke about the importance of community and the reconstruction of unity in his sermon at his bishop installation service on 13 April. The service, framed as a ceremonial worship, was held in the Reformed church in Hertelendyfalva.

“This chaos is yelling all around us…”

2013. április 15., tags: presidium, synod, loránt hegedűs, statement, Synod

The presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary released a statement on 10 April after the national meeting of deans and elders condemning both recent cemetery vandalism and the statement of Rev. Loránt Hegedűs Jr. calling for an anti-Zionist rally in Budapest.

WCC General Secretary Visits Hungary

2013. április 12., tags: world council of churches (wcc), ecumenical council of churches in hungary (ecch), olav fyske tveit, ecumenical council of churches in hungary (ECCH), tveit

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary (ECCH) welcomed the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit, to Budapest this week where he met with several church and political leaders, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Prayers for an End to Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

2013. április 11., tags: Korea, statement, korea, presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok)

The Reformed Church in Hungary greatly values its relationships with partner churches around the world, especially the personal connections that have developed between individual congregations. With that in mind and in light of the increased tensions on the Korean peninsula, the RCH congregation from the Great Church in Debrecen has communicated a statement of support for all of those struggling with the present uncertainty between North and South Korea.

A Step Toward Reconciliation

2013. április 08., tags: roma council, concept, roma ministry

It is fitting that the Roma Council of the Reformed Church in Hungary is meeting to debate its Roma Concept today, 8 April, because it coincides with the International Roma Day. It is a day to celebrate Roma people and culture but also draw attention to continued discrimination that the Roma community faces.

Let the Countdown to Starpoint Begin!

2013. április 04., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The venue is set, theme chosen, bands lined up and speakers scheduled. Starpoint is coming! It's hard to imagine that this year's festival in Mezőtúr is only 109 days away, but rest easy, the team has been working around the clock to ensure that this Starpoint will be the best one yet!

"You are witnesses of these things." (Lk 24:48)

2013. március 28., tags: campaign, easter

The 2013 Easter message of the Reformed Church in Hungary is a video that examines what Easter means to 8-year-olds from class 2 B at Julianna Reformed Primary School. The students discuss why Jesus' death and resurrection is significant to them.

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