A Step Toward Reconciliation

2013. április 08., tags: roma council, concept, roma ministry

It is fitting that the Roma Council of the Reformed Church in Hungary is meeting to debate its Roma Concept today, 8 April, because it coincides with the International Roma Day. It is a day to celebrate Roma people and culture but also draw attention to continued discrimination that the Roma community faces.

Let the Countdown to Starpoint Begin!

2013. április 04., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The venue is set, theme chosen, bands lined up and speakers scheduled. Starpoint is coming! It's hard to imagine that this year's festival in Mezőtúr is only 109 days away, but rest easy, the team has been working around the clock to ensure that this Starpoint will be the best one yet!

"You are witnesses of these things." (Lk 24:48)

2013. március 28., tags: campaign, easter

The 2013 Easter message of the Reformed Church in Hungary is a video that examines what Easter means to 8-year-olds from class 2 B at Julianna Reformed Primary School. The students discuss why Jesus' death and resurrection is significant to them.

Easter Devotion - Time out of Time

2013. március 28., tags: easter

Alleluia! He is risen! Celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with the following Easter devotion from Rev. Dr. Frank Hegedűs of Saint Margaret's Anglican Episcopal Church in Budapest. 

Easter Traditions in Hungary

2013. március 28., tags: easter

The Lenten season is a time of great importance for Christians around the world. For the Reformed Church in Hungary the solemnness of Holy Week and celebration of Easter is reflected in the community's traditions.

Don't Be Afraid!

2013. március 28., tags: easter

If we honestly look inside us, it turns out that we are afraid of many things. What wakes us up from our dreams? What causes pain in our thoughts? How could we secure ourselves? We can feel our vulnerability, our fear, because we often experience our weaknesses.

The Symbol of the Cross to the RCH

2013. március 28., tags: easter

The use of the cross as a symbol is considered taboo in Reformed traditions, although it is not forbidden. "The cross is not responsible for anything," however it can awaken some "painful historical memories," says Károly Fekete, rector of the Reformed Theological University of Debrecen.

Extraordinary Synod in Lithuania

2013. március 25., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), Synod, Lithuania, synod

On 23 March, the Evangelical Reformed Church in Lithuania (ERCL), a member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC), held an extraordinary Synod where, among other issues, 33 voting members reelected Thomas Šernas as General Superintendent for another three-year term and Rimas Mikalauskas, a local pastor in Birzai, as Vice Superintendent. Petras Puodziunas was elected as the new President of the Consistory (Church Board). A number of ecumenical guests and state officials, including Deputy Ministry of Justice Paulinus Griciunas among others, attended the Synod meeting in Vilnius. Balázs Ódor, Ecumenical Officer of the RCH, was present as the representative of WCRC Europe.

We Are Not Alone – Leuenberg conference in Budapest

2013. március 22., tags: leuenberg

On the 18th of March during a conference held at the Evangelical-Lutheran Theological University, Reformed and Lutheran bishops commemorated the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Leuenberg Concord and Protestant unity.

The greeting of the new Catholic leader

2013. március 22., tags:

The Presidency Council of the Reformed Church in Hungary congratulates the newly elected Head of the Catholic Church

Küszöb Conference: Crossing the Threshold

2013. március 19., tags: conference, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), handicapped, disabled

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) recently organized a conference to discuss the challenges facing disabled people in Reformed congregations as well as different ways churches have attempted to address these issues.

Birth of a Revolution

2013. március 14., tags: holiday, 1848, Hungary, 15 March, revolution

15 March is a national holiday and day of celebration in Hungary. It is a day to remember the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and subsequent war for independence from the Austrian-Habsburg monarchy rule.

Hungary’s President to sign Constitutional Modification

2013. március 14., tags: church-state relation, law

Hungarian President János Áder announced Wednesday night in a public television address that he will sign the fourth amendment to the Constitution, which was accepted in Parliament Monday afternoon by 265 votes to 11 with 33 abstentions.

We All Sit At One Table

2013. március 06., tags: campaign, 1 percent, marketing

An Ecumenical Response to Annulment of Hungarian Church Law

2013. március 05., tags: law, church-state relation

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary released a statement on behalf of its member churches in response the Constitutional Court's decision on 26 February that annulled the Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, and on Churches, Religions and Religious Communities.

Remembering the Innovative and Caregiving Spirit of Rev. Endre Gyökössy

2013. március 05., tags: In memoriam, in memoriam, gyökössy endre

Recently, different memorials have been held remembering Rev. Endre Gyökössy, who introduced psychology and pastoral care to pastoral services in Hungary. The first was held on 18 February in the Synod Hall of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the other on 23 February at the organisation of the Theological Faculty of Károli Gáspár Reformed University.

Redefining Mission

2013. február 28., tags: South Africa, poverty, Dutch Reformed Church, Attie van Niekerk, interview, mission

The Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa and the Reformed Church in Hungary signed a partnership agreement in 2011 to symbolize the churches' commitment to share and learn with one another as sister churches. Dr. Attie van Niekerk, founding member and managing director of the NOVA Institute as well as a theological professor at the University of Pretoria, recently represented the DRC in Budapest with a series of lectures on poverty and the redefinition of mission and held meetings with the RCH's Roma Ministry, Diaconia, Eco-Congregation as well as László Gonda, missiology professor.

Current Hungarian Church Law Found Unconstitutional

2013. február 26., tags: church-state relation, law

Today in its plenary session, the Constitutional Court declared provisions from the Law on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, and on Churches, Religions and Religious Communities, passed in 2011, unconstitutional and annulled the provisions with a retroactive effect. This decision comes after the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and 17 petitioner churches challenged the procedural provisions and recognition of churches. They argued that the provisions of the Law violates the neutrality of state as well as freedom of religion and causes discrimination among churches.

Update on Serbian Election

2013. február 25., tags: Serbia, reformed christian church in serbia, bishop election, serbia

The Reformed Christian Church in Serbia has released a statement with updates on the state of its bishop election that has been appealed and debated since early January. You can read an interview with bishop nominee Béla Halász following the announcement.

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