The Movement of Reinterpretation: November Synod Meeting of the RCH

2012. november 26., tags: church revision, andrás harmathy, general synod

The Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) convened for its fall session to discuss, aside from business matters, the vision of the church as it faces an unprecedented time of social change and economic unrest. In his opening address to the Synod, Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei mirrored this, saying that the Synod is constantly discussing things that are changing, and it is through this reinterpretation that movement occurs and brings about a spark within the church.

Common Synod to be held in June

2012. november 23., tags: general convent, heidelberg cathechism, transylvanian church district

The Presidium of the General Convent, operational body of the Hungarian Reformed church leaders in the Carpathian Basin met on Tuesday to discuss the most relevant upcoming events of the church. The agenda included the scheduling of the Common Synod of the Hungarian churches of the region for 2013; a more active cultivation of friendship with the Reformed Christian (Calvinist) Church in Croatia and the announcement of a knowledge quiz on the Heidelberg Catechism for the youth of the Carpathian basin.

Twenty years of service in hospitals

2012. november 23., tags: bethesda hospital

The hospital ministry in Hungary celebrated its 20th anniversary on 24 October, at the Bethesda Children's Hospital. Presently, the Hungarian hospital ministry operates in 28 institutions of Hungary. At the celebration, participants evaluated the past years of their service and discussed future possibilities in building their mission into the currently changing medical system.

In Her Own Words – Global Mission Intern at RCH

2012. november 21., tags: global ministries

Amy Lester is the first Global Mission Intern to work with the Reformed Church in Hungary. For the next year Amy and the RCH will share in a unique time of fellowship and service as the fruit of a continuously strengthening partnership with Global Ministries. She has written a letter of introduction to explain who she is and where she comes from.

“A New Reformation Would Make a Difference”

2012. november 19., tags: interview, andrás harmathy, church revision

"The things that could renew the Church are not new at all. The Bible has not changed, our theological convictions have also remained the same. The only question is, how the gospel will be able to make us enthusiastic", said András Harmathy, president of the Church Revision Committee, as he shared some of his thoughts about the mission of the committee in the context of the approaching General Synod session.

That which builds

2012. október 30., tags: reformation

„It is simpler to poison a community with vain arguments, belligerence and suspicious approach, than to recuperate, rebuild and restore it later." – Árpád Galsi, director of Kálvin Publishing House within the Reformed Church in Hungary, on reformation.

Rediscovering the Heidelberg Catechism - Regional Conference

2012. október 30., tags: confession

In 2013, the Reformed Church celebrates the 450th anniversary of its confession: the Heidelberg Catechism. Published in 1563, this document is a true heritage of our Church, something not only to be meditated upon, but to rediscover and hand down to the next generations.  A regional conference, which was held in October, was already a forerunner of the celebrations to be launched in memory of the Heidelberg Catechism in 2013. In the form of lectures, listeners were introduced to the confession in its entirety, and its topics were placed into the context of our present time.

Interview with the convener of the Church Revision Committee

2012. október 24., tags: church revision, interview, andrás harmathy

We are in a process of revision. For the coordination of the process the Church Revision Committee was installed by the Synod in 2012, commissioned both to develop an ecclesiological basis for the future church life and for the expected reconfiguration - even restructuring - of the church, and to lead us through the implementation. The first committee report will be discussed at the November session of the Synod. At its first meeting in April 2012, the committee elected Rev. Dr. András Harmathy as its convener. András is local pastor in a city close to Budapest and holds a doctor in ministry in missiology. Ha was interviewed in Debrecen by the Church Magazine "In Community".

November Synod meeting to include international guests

2012. október 24., tags: general synod

An important time in the life of the church is drawing near! The biannual meeting of the General Synod will be held at the Synod Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary on 14-17 November. This session of the Synod will focus on the future of our church, as the newly founded Church Revision Committee gives its first report on reform and revitalization within our congregations

In memory of the martyrs and the witnesses of faith - 1849

2012. október 16., tags: history

In the past 163 years Hungarians have annually remembered the heroes of the revolution and the war of independence, who were murdered on 6 October 1849, bearing in mind that in the Autumn of 1849 several other innocent victims, and among them, Reformed witnesses of faith were sentenced to death or imprisonment.

Green Theology is the Only Solution - Launching the Hungarian Eco-Congregation Programme

2012. október 10., tags: eco-congregation, church of scotland

In October, 2010 the Church of Scotland and the Reformed Church in Hungary joined an agreement in order to launch the Hungarian equivalent of the Eco-Congregation Programme, which is already running successfully in Scotland.

The ministration of American volunteers among refugees

2012. szeptember 10., tags: reformed mission centre (rmc), refugee, ministry to the people, refugee ministry, teach overseas

Ten teachers spent five weeks in the Bicske and Debrecen Refugee Reception Centres, in the Children's Centre in Fót, in the English Language Bible Study Camp organised by the Scottish Mission in Budapest and with the Roma Ministry in Jánd. The programme was a collaboration between the Synod Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary, the Refugee Mission of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Educational International Service. Just like in the past years, the project involved English lessons in groups, with the aim to give refugees a better chance in the job market.

An Up-To-Date Way To Target Young People

2012. szeptember 04., tags: youth forum, youth

The Synod Youth Forum, a new assembly event for young people, took place on 13-14 April in Budapest and was attended by about 70 delegates from all over Hungary. The Forum, which consisted of discussions tackling issues of faith and church-membership was organised by Szabolcs Szontágh Reformed minister and the Synod Office of RCH. First, let us listen in on a lecture that was given at the beginning of the event; here the lecturer is talking about the topic questions published on the Forum's website. These questions were to form the core of the group discussions. The presentation will be followed by an interview with the lecturer himself.

Letter to the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church

2012. szeptember 02., tags: gusztav bolcskei

The leaders of the Reformed and Lutheran churches in Hungary expressed their sympathy in a letter to the head of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church over the amnesty of the recently extradited Azeri axe killer.

Nationwide Protest Against Buzau Court Decision Regarding Re-Nationalisation of Church Property

2012. augusztus 24., tags: miko, transylvanian church district

On 1 September, 2012 church delegations from all over Transylvania are going to gather at the grounds of the Székely Mikó Reformed High School in Sepsiszentgyörgy (Sfântu Gheorghe), protesting against a legal verdict issued by the Romanian government to re-nationalise the school which is owned by the Transylvanian Reformed Church District in Romania. Dr Géza Pap, bishop of the Transylvanian Church District has asked all deans, ministers, elders and congregation members to join the cause and raise their voices together against the unfair decision of the Buzau Court.

One year of service in Hungary - voluntary programme of ÖDE

2012. július 19., tags: voluntary, voluntary diaconal year centre

"Szia! A nevem Tabea", says a German girl in surprisingly good Hungarian, wearing a big smile on her face. "I've been working as a volunteer at Bethesda, mostly playing with kids", she continues in English. "The job was just perfect for me."Twenty-year-old Tabea is one of the thirty young people who did voluntary diaconical service in Hungary in the past year. Their last team meeting, which we also attended, was held at Lake Velencei.

Gypsies in Europe

2012. július 04., tags: roma ministry

In spite of what the public thinks, Gypsies have never really been a uniform group. What is more, they are not even likely to have been one people in the past – states Szilveszter Póczik, a historian-criminologist and the senior scientific representative of the Hungarian National Institute of Crimonology (OKRI). In the following interview Mr Póczik attempts to throw light on the differences and similarities between Gypsies living in Eastern and Western Europe. He will also summarize the history of Gypsies on the European continent, looking at the previous centuries. Szilveszter Póczik does not believe that the Gypsy issue can be solved during a single government cycle. On the contrary, it might take about 50-100 years to find a lasting solution.

COMMUNIQUÉ ON CIMS To whom it may concern

2012. június 27., tags: károli gáspár university

The Central and Eastern European Institute for Mission Studies has to close its door. Please read below the announcement of Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Youth Forum - A successful dialogue between youth and the church

2012. június 19., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

With the intention to give young people an opportunity to let their voices be heard in the church, the Synod Office organised a youth assembly, targeting age groups between 16 and 23. The Youth Forum was designed following an already well-functioning pattern, the Scottish Youth Assembly, adopting the idea of promoting youth participation in the decision-making processes of the church Synod. This conference was the first ever of this kind in Hungary, and the Synod Office intends to convene it regularly.

Roma are by far not a Homogeneous Group

2012. június 19., tags: roma ministry, interview

This article contains some of the most thought provoking excerpts from a two-part interview with Pál Nagy, historian and scientific consultant at Szent István University in Gödöllő, Hungary.

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