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2017. június 20., kedd

The PCC and RCH have a long standing relationship, one which has lately focused on the development of youth in the church and the shared experiences of lay women in leadership. Two lay women from the RCH recently visited the PCC to continue building the relationship between the two churches. 

The Presbyterian Church in Canada (PCC) holds a yearly National Presbyterian Women’s Gathering and regularly invites guests from international partner churches. This year, Krisztina Deme was designated as the RCH delegate for the event. The event was held the weekend of May 19-22 and was filled with opportunities to learn, meet, worship, share, and praise. The event was a mixture of keynote speakers, small group workshops, interesting forums, and free time to network and connect. Women attending the meeting were asked to come and consider the unimaginable in God’s gracious presence.

International guests at the National Presbyterian Women’s Gathering represented a multitude of nations, such as Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, India, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, the United States of America and Nigeria.

Jessie Fubara-Manuel, an international guest from Nigeria who gave the address at the Welcome Banquet, said that the PCC, in inviting international guests to the gathering, “recognize that in spite of the diversities in our cultures, traditions, the practice of our faith and spirituality, the loudness of our worship and intense dancing, they recognize that we have something stronger in common – our active faith in Christ.  They know that it is only together that we are strong as our faith finds expressions of actions rooted in love.”

In this same spirit, Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, RCH Diaconal Office’s Head of the Unit for Refugee Integration, was invited to attend the PCC’s 143rd General Assembly (GA) from June 4-7. Only three international partners are invited to the PCC’s GA each year, so Dóra’s presence was cherished by the delegates.  

Rev. Dr. Glynis Williams, Associate Secretary for International Ministries, introduced Dóra, who spoke to the Canadian’s about the plight of refugees in Hungary who face prejudice due to religion, ethnicity and culture. She explained that, “Kalunba [the Implementing Partner of the RCH’s refugee integration work] is a place where migrants and refugees come to take free Hungarian lessons, tutoring in school subjects, meet counselors, enjoy community, and search for jobs and accommodation. We assist 200 people with a staff of 16 and many Hungarian and International volunteers—one among them is your own Jackie Bannerman.” Dóra reminded the church of its common responsibility to welcome the stranger and show love and compassion to our neighbors. She is thankful for the ongoing support from and partnership with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

The RCH’s partnership with the PCC continues to be strengthened through exchanges of youth, for gatherings such as the PCC’s Canada Youth and the RCH’s Starpoint, and the continued development of lay women leaders, such as the recent trips by RCH women to the Women’s Gathering and the General Assembly.


Article by Kearstin Bailey

Via womensgathering.ca and Presbyterian.ca

Photos via PCC Communications on Flickr and Presbyterian.ca

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