International Ecumenical Solidarity for the Ukraine

2015. március 04., tags: world council of churches (wcc), reformed church in sub-carpathia, WCRC, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Ukraine, Sub-Carpathia, wcrc, ukraine, hrca, HRCA

It was in March 2014 that Bishop Sándor Zán Fábián first addressed publicly the threat reality and proximity of the Ukrainian war. More than a year has passed. The ecumenical solidarity with the Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia has become stronger with the crisis.

New wave of mobilisation and deepening humanitarian crises in Ukraine

2015. február 09., tags: ukraine, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Ukraine, reformed church in sub-carpathia

As part of a humanitarian crisis intervention, coordinated by the UN, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid delivers relief supplies to Sub-Carpathia and to the refugee camps in Eastern- Ukraine.

Food for life at Christmas

2014. december 19., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), christmas

With its Christmas campaign "Give food to give life" the Reformed Church Aid wants to raise the issue of malnutrition of children, a widespread social phenomenon in Hungary. The Foundation extends a helping hand to the community in several different ways; through trainings of service personal, emergency response and social projects throughout Hungary and the Carpathian Basin.

Bitter Christmas in Ukraine

2014. december 18., tags: reformed church in sub-carpathia, ukraine, Ukraine, hungarian reformed church (hrc), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

War. The Christmas of the people living in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine is shadowed by tension, fear, bitterness and inflation. The war is still going on in the Eastern parts of Ukraine and at many Christmas tables the seats of the male members of the family will be empty. Local people would like peace for Christmas. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has delivered hundreds of shoeboxes, packages of food and other donations to the region.

Help for Sub-Carpathia

2014. november 21., tags: reformed church in sub-carpathia, ukraine, hungarian reformed church (hrc), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

“We can only survive if Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin stand by us and lend their hand”, Bishop in Sub-Carpathian Sándor Zán Fábián told at a press conference held about the assistance given through the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) to the communities living in the region. As announced at the event, the HRCA Sub-Carpathian Action Plan calculates with 124 million HUF, half of which has already been collected.

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Crisis Response Plan in Sub-Carpathia, Ukraine

2014. szeptember 12., tags: reformed church in sub-carpathia, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), ukraine

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) sees its primary field as the Carpathian Basin. One of the strengths of our organization is that we actively use the church institutions during our relief and development work. In the Carpathian Basin there are more than 1,200 congregations and their associated institutions at our disposal, and almost 100 in Sub-Carpathia. These church institutions help us in our work, not only with local background information, but also by providing infrastructure, specialists and instruments.

Nobody Knows What's Coming

2014. augusztus 25., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), hungarian reformed church (hrc), ukraine, reformed church in sub-carpathia

Ukrainian crisis. There is an air of uncertainty these days in Ukraine, which is also being experienced by the 150,000 Hungarians living in Sub-Carpathia. No war has officially been declared, but the partial military mobilization affects Hungarian families, as well. This means that there are Hungarians on the eastern front; moreover, the first victims have already been buried. We recently visited Beregszász (Berehove) with Sándor Pál, director of the Advisory Board of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

A Spoonful of Faith

2013. december 17., tags: christmas, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) organized an Advent children’s programme to express their gratitude to their donors and volunteers for their support throughout the year. The adults had the chance to experience “a spoonful of faith,” while the children received Nyilas Misi gift boxes full of presents.

Helpers Returned Home

2013. november 29., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), philippines, response, emergency, typhoon

"The help we provided is just a few drops in the ocean, but for those we helped, it meant everything," said Daniel Osgyán, director of Emergency Response for the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), who returned 22 November with a group of doctors from the typhoon ravaged Philippines. The team of seven treated and supported those in need for eleven days and nights. After their return, a press conference was immediately held in the RCH Synod Office.

Fall Synod Report 2013

2013. november 18., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), general synod, fall, 2013, roma ministry, church revision, synod report

The fall meeting of the General Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary began on 14 November in Budapest. Several topics were on the docket for the meeting, including the Roma action plan, the findings of the Church Revision Committee and a discussion concerning the implication of the Leuenberg Agreement on church legal documents. In addition, Rev. Seon Koo, a mission coworker from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK), gave his greetings at the beginning of the Synod session. He highlighted the 18-year history between the RCH and PROK, and also provided his sincere wish that the partnership can be improved through the churchs' work and activities.

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Medical Team Deployed to the Philippines

2013. november 11., tags: catastrophe, emergency response, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), wcrc, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), philippines

A medical team from the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) deployed to the Philippines on 11 November following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in order to deliver medical equipment and 15,000 dollars-worth of aid. The HRCA has been keeping an eye on the situation from the beginning and prior to leaving communicated their capacity to the UN.

The Flood Has Passed Its Peak But We Are Not Done

2013. június 14., tags: emergency, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), flood

Although the flood has passed the upper parts of the Danube in Hungary, those living within reach of the water cannot rest yet: the embankments may not be able withstand the long-term weight. What's more, with the flood gone, the sandbags become hazardous waste that need to be pulled down, thus volunteers still have work to do. They are now accompanied by ambulances, so that those concerned can receive immunization.

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Flood Preparations Underway

2013. június 06., tags: emergency, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), flood

Anticipation is high on the Danube, because in the past 50 years its water has never been as high as it is right now. Estimations say the crest will reach Budapest on Thursday, but the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) is already making preparations against the flooding.

Küszöb Conference: Crossing the Threshold

2013. március 19., tags: conference, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), handicapped, disabled

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) recently organized a conference to discuss the challenges facing disabled people in Reformed congregations as well as different ways churches have attempted to address these issues.

A response from abroad – an interview with a Dutch “Life Belt” supporter

2012. június 01., tags: life belt, interview, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Life Belt Programme, a joint effort of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, has given hope to families whose life changed dramatically due to the rise of the monthly installment of foreign currency based bank loans. As the Church Aid was busy working out a scheme to help families in need, they weren't expecting any reaction from abroad. Some help, however, did come, and this incident proves that the worldwide Reformed church links its members together in truly unique and personal ways. Interview with Johanna Meyerin.  

Life Belt Programme – Financial Support for Families in Need

2012. június 01., tags: life belt, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) have launched a new financial support programme as a means to offer help to deserving families who have lost their homes due to the crash of their foreign exchange loans. The initial plan is to provide these families with a six-month support scheme. Along with a temporary solution for their accomodation, they will receive help in the fields of mental hygiene and life management. These complementary services will be provided by social workers as part of the Life Belt Programme.

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