Gratitude and Responsibility

2019. szeptember 27., tags: eco-congregation, week of creation

The Week of Creation always starts on the last Sunday of September in Hungary, where, since 2009, the Care for Creation Ecumenical Working Group has been preparing for this beautiful season with the participation of Catholic and Protestant churches. Although the concern about climate change often causes deep eco-anxiety with good reason, now the working group aims to shift the emphasis from greediness and consumerism into joy for creation and hope. Each year, there is a highlighted theme; this year it is Gratitude and Responsibility, focusing on the beauty of this world and the task to guard the created world.

Hungarian Protestants expressed commitment for climate-neutral Europe

2019. július 19., tags: eco-congregation movement, eco-congregation

Reformed and Lutheran Churches’ environmental organisations sent a letter to the President in Hungary in support of the EU long-term climate strategy for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate-neutral economy by 2050. Below you can read the letter signed by the Presidents of the Eco-Congregation Movement of Reformed Church in Hungary and the Ararat Creation Protection Working Group of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hungary. 

The Week of Creation Begins

2017. szeptember 29., tags: eco-congregation, week of creation

The central thought for this year’s creation week “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son…” (John 3:16) was presented to congregations in the Reformed Church in Hungary by The Ecumenical Creation Protection Working Group in Budapest.

Hope in the age of climate change

2017. szeptember 04., tags: conference of european churches (cec), ecen, eco-congregation

What is the substance of hope in the age of climate change?  How can theology shape our action in responding to environmental challenges? What are the criteria that make our hope effective? These were questions at the centre of attention at the seminar organised by the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) from 28 – 29 August 2017 in Budapest.

A Congregation Based on Vegetables

2017. április 12., tags: eco-congregation

New jobs have been created near the Romanian-Serbian border due to the Church Farmers Market Network, and a sense of hope has also come to the members of the Reformed congregation, in an area where Catholics are the majority. The reformed congregations in Kiszombor and Maroslele want to develop themselves through agriculture, but the program is agricultural in many ways. In this season of rebirth, may the seeds of love fall not only into the soil, but also into the hearts of townspeople.

RCH’s Eco-Congregations Applauded by Partner Church

2016. június 16., tags: eco-congregation

An eco-justice partnership between the Church of Scotland and the RCH has recently been highlighted at the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly, held at the end of May 2016 in Edinburgh. Partner churches and their environmental stewardship efforts were detailed in a report produced by the Church of Scotland’s World Mission Council and included a section about the successful Eco-Congregation movement of the RCH.

CEC on Pilgrimage for climate justice and the UN Climate conference in Paris

2015. október 16., tags: eco-congregation movement, week of creation, eco-congregation

The Conference of European Churches has shared a press release on its consultation on Pilgrimage for climate justice and the UN Climate conference in Paris. An RCH delegation led by the Vice-Lay President of our Synod  was also present.

Cyclists of Hope

2015. október 07., tags: eco-congregation, week of creation

Bicycling for your neighbour, goes the motto of a group of Hungarian cyclists from the Carpathian Basin, who set out on bike during the Week of Creation, travelling from east to west. The cycling relay, taking place between Beregszász (Berehove, Ukraine) and Sopron, Hungary, is part of the Ecumenical Pilgrimage in Europe, whose final destination is the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris at the end of this year. A report by Parókia Portal.

You are the Man!

2015. október 07., tags: week of creation, eco-congregation

This year’s theme of the Week of Creation was climate justice, which we are hoping to understand better and better through the parable Nathan told David.

The Week of Creation: We have to change and initiate change

2015. október 02., tags: week of creation, eco-congregation

The Week of Creation starts on the last Sunday of September in Hungary. During this period Churches are thinking together about energy and climate change. They focus on what kind of role and voice they can have in this conversation with regards to environmental efficiency and recycling. This year, our main topic is climate justice in the light of the parable of Nathan the prophet (1Sam 12). We have to change and initiate change in order to ensure a livable life for the following generations on this planet!

Pilgrimage for Climate Justice – cycling for a healthy environment

2015. szeptember 30., tags: week of creation, eco-congregation, world council of churches (wcc)

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) draws near, Christian people are planning a pilgrimage to express their solidarity with those directly affected by climate change, and their wish to unite in protecting the environment.


2015. augusztus 13., tags: eco-congregation, starpoint, festival, youth

In this year at Starpoint Reformed Youth Conference in Tata the theme was Trust. It is a very interesting question how you can approach and reach the trust in other persons, in yourself and in God. This year was particularly special for the the Eco-Congregation Movement. Report on the contribution of the Eco-Congregation Movement at the Starpoint Youth Festival.

We Breathe the Same Air

2014. október 20., tags: eco-congregation, hungarian reformed church (hrc), ecumenical, european christian enviromental network (ecen)

The European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) 10th Assembly held on 27th September to1st October at the Soli Deo Gloria Reformed Conference Centre in Balatonszárszó  themed ‘Energy and Climate Change – the Churches’ Role and Voice’. 

Another Eco-Congregation Winner

2013. október 17., tags: award, week of creation, eco-congregation

For the second time in its history, the RCH's Eco-Congregation Program has conducted an eco-congregation contest. This year, eight congregations submitted entries for consideration and the Sopron Lutheran congregation was awarded the 2013 prize.

Searching to Protect the Created World in Scotland

2013. július 10., tags: church of scotland, eco competition, eco-congregation

Winners of the first National Creation Care Competition participated in a six-day study visit to Scotland. During the eventful trip, students of the Fasor Lutheran Secondary School had the opportunity to see the Scottish eco-congregation programme in action.

How Natural Are We? – Eco-Congregation Conference in Budapest

2013. május 10., tags: conference, green, eco-congregation

The Eco-Congregation Council of the Reformed Church of Hungary organized a conference on 27 April with the main topic of the conference focusing on the question: Our synthetic life: How natural are we inside?

Green Theology is the Only Solution - Launching the Hungarian Eco-Congregation Programme

2012. október 10., tags: eco-congregation, church of scotland

In October, 2010 the Church of Scotland and the Reformed Church in Hungary joined an agreement in order to launch the Hungarian equivalent of the Eco-Congregation Programme, which is already running successfully in Scotland.

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