Lóránt Hegedűs Jr. Reprimanded

2014. március 11., tags: loránt hegedűs, szabadság square, legal

The verdict has been given in the disciplinary procedure regarding the service at the Szabadság Square reformed church and unveiling of the Horthy statue occurring on 3 November. On 7 March, the presbytery court of the Budapest-North Presbytery issued a written reprimand to Rev. Lóránt Hegedűs Jr.

The Presentation of Evidence has come to a Close

2014. február 24., tags: szabadság square, horthy miklós, legal, loránt hegedűs

The second trial of the presbytery court regarding the unveiling of a statue of Miklós Horthy at Szabadság Square was held on 20 February. The Church's legal advisor and the legal representation of Loránt Hegedűs Jr. have both given their closing arguments and the court has scheduled the verdict to be announced on the 7th of March.

Church Prosecutor Makes Request to Defrock Rev. Hegedűs Jr.

2014. február 02., tags: loránt hegedűs, legal, horthy miklós, szabadság square

On 30 January, the first hearing of the presbytery court regarding the actions of Rev. Loránt Hegedűs Jr. in November 2013 was held, and the next trial date was set for 20 February. The case at hand was a result of the unveiling of a Miklós Horthy (Hungary’s governor during the 2nd World War) statue in front of the Szabadság Square Reformed Church congregation in Budapest, where Hegedűs serves as pastor. In addition, Márton Gyöngyösi, MP of the extreme-nationalist party Jobbik, gave a speech during the course of the Sunday morning worship service.

“This chaos is yelling all around us…”

2013. április 15., tags: presidium, synod, loránt hegedűs, statement, Synod

The presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary released a statement on 10 April after the national meeting of deans and elders condemning both recent cemetery vandalism and the statement of Rev. Loránt Hegedűs Jr. calling for an anti-Zionist rally in Budapest.

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