Mission of Reconciliation in Hungary

2018. december 12., tags: reconciliation, rch, roma ministry

In Rwanda, reconciliation work has helped to heal the wounds of those who had been affected during the Genocide in 1994. After participating in various reconciliation workshops, the RCH Roma Mission has adopted the work of Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd to help reconciliation between Roma and non-Roma people in Hungary.

You cannot say “I’m not a racist but Roma people…”

2018. szeptember 20., tags: roma ministry, interview, HEKS, heks

Over the past three and a half years, Ágnes Nyeső has become the face of the National Roma Ministry of RCH as its mission coordinator, but at the beginning of September she took on a new role as school chaplain at three institutions of Bocskai István Reformed Education Centre in the cities of Dunaújváros and Csepel. In the present interview she shares her experiences within the mission, as well as some of her fondest memories.

God’s Kingdom Visible in Education

2018. május 30., tags: education, heks, HEKS, roma ministry

Colleagues of the Reformed Church in Hungary’s Roma Mission and HEKS-RCH joint project organized a workshop on the Inclusive Reformed Primary Schools at the Synod Office. The participants learned about the position of Hungarian primary education institutions regarding inclusion, discussed the topic during a roundtable session, and shared their practical experiences of the Inclusion Index.

Clinging to the talented ones like a thistle

2018. május 03., tags: roma ministry

In the primary school of Véménd, there are two groups of mostly Roma children, supported by HEKS (Swiss Interchurch Aid) for more than a year, where there has been an exemplary gifted children’s program for a long time. The teachers of the school in Baranya County not only devote their hard work to academics and art competitions, but also thanks to their work, there are no tensions between Roma, Swabian and Hungarian families.

Dreams Do Come True

2018. január 25., tags: Roma Collegium, roma ministry

Special Meeting of the Christian Roma Collegium Network took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the 20th of January, where former and current students of the RCH's instituions were present as well.

I Stand Up for You

2017. december 14., tags: church of scotland (cofs), roma ministry, human trafficking, Church of Scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS)

Theatre performances can overwhelm and shake the audience, all the while being educational.

Roma Mission Conference in Berekfürdő

2017. december 13., tags: roma ministry

The National Roma Mission Conference happened in Berekfürdő between October 6th and 8th. 

A Little Help on the Way to Damascus

2017. október 06., tags: roma ministry

The Roma Mission of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District and the Drop of Help Foundation for Underprivileged People participated in Family Day, a civil conference and workshop.

God Sees Under the Surface

2017. május 17., tags: roma ministry

On April 8, 2017, International Roma Day, many people gathered together in the Reformed Church in Káposztásmegyer for a day of common prayer– a mixture of 360 congregation members, pastors, experts, and volunteers. The participants came from 36 different congregations, as well as from the Reformed Roma Collegium and Debrecen Reformed Theological University.

Closing the Gap

2017. április 18., tags: roma ministry, interview

Schools with a reformed religious tradition can be found throughout the country, where people help especially disadvantaged students close the educational gap with their peers. The pastors and elders of the congregations take part in the work too, and there are also schools where reformed Roma students help. We talked to the leader of the closing the gap program of the RCH, Krisztina Nagy. 

Praying for Love and Acceptance

2017. április 07., tags: international roma prayer day, roma ministry

In celebration of the International Roma Prayer Day on April 8, 2017, the RCH is pleased to share the following prayer, written in partnership with the PCUSA , and with our Roma brothers and sisters in mind. The prayer aims to encourage all people to work for acceptance and love in the world like Jesus did. 

Are You Sure That You Want to Fly?

2017. március 07., tags: roma ministry

Members from five protestant denominations gathered February 4 for the second annual Protestant Roma Mission Conference, which took place at a Baptist congregation in Budafok. More than 300 people were in attendance and spent the day together in faith discussing what it takes to fly, like in Isaiah 40:31.

Sheep of Pátka

2017. február 15., tags: roma ministry

Roma and non-Roma children play together in a village where the adults are full of animosity. While people may lash out at one another outside, the church is a place of peace. The magical cooperation of civilian volunteers and the local congregation seems to almost be God’s answer to the prayers of the community: the “Sheep of Pátka” children’s home.

You Welcomed Us Into Your Kingdom

2016. augusztus 31., tags: roma ministry

The RCH has recently published an English translation of a popular interview series done highlighting the work of Roma youth, mission workers, pastors, and artists within the RCH. The publishing of this work was supported by the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR). 

Culinary Fundraising for Roma Kids

2016. július 07., tags: roma ministry

An After School project managed and overseen by the Reformed Church in Pilisvörösvár relies on the funds raised by selling soup and sweets at the Szimpla market to support their summer camp for disadvantaged children.

A Walking Bible

2016. május 14., tags: interview, roma ministry

As a child, Attila János Lakatos was diagnosed as having a developmental disability, but now he is a college student who can easily cite professional literature and recite Bible verses one after another. János is a third-year Deaconry student passionate about the deep work that deacons provide for communities of faith. He plans to get a degree in social work as well and eventually would like to work among orphans, because János was once an orphan himself. 

The Common Experience of Deliverance

2016. április 27., tags: roma ministry

More than three hundred people gathered in the reformed church of Káposztásmegyer for the Hungarian Roma Mission’s Annual Prayer Meeting on the 9th of April. A sermon was given by István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH. Those who gathered prayed together in small groups for the Roma people, the Church, and asked for the Lord’s help for their ongoing problems. The worship was led by the members of Budapest’s and the Zemplén region’s various congregations.

HEKS Makes Solidarity Visit to Hungary

2016. április 18., tags: roma ministry

Rev. Matthias Herren, Swiss Interchurch Aid (HEKS) secretary for Middle and Eastern Europe, along with other representatives from HEKS, recently made a trip to Hungary. He oversaw progress on a Roma initiatives that HEKS funds, and also introduced his successor, Angela Elmiger, who will be the next HEKS secretary for Middle and Eastern Europe.

Everyone Could win with Romology Training

2016. április 14., tags: roma ministry, interview

Starting this September, it will be mandatory for all students to learn about Roma studies at the Debrecen Reformed Theological University. The university has set up a separate department for bringing students closer to Roma history, culture, and traditions. The department will be led by Romologist Mrs. Judit Kármán Szabó Phd., who is convinced that the department could turn the negative view of Roma in society into a better one. 

Bringing Cultures Together

2016. április 06., tags: róma, roma, Roma, roma ministry

“It’s very timely to realize that the question of integrating the Roma society is essential for us,” warns Dániel Szabó. As the former Lay President of Cistibiscan Reformed Church District, who has been committed to the Roma Mission service for years, said, that isn’t the main reason to work among them; it is also the missionary command of the Lord.  Dániel Szabó or as we call him “our beloved Uncle Dani” speaks of his commitment towards to the Roma people and talks about the joy of this service.

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