Application Call for Scholarship for Christian Young People

2019. január 15., tags: rch, scholarship

Once again, the Hungarian Government invites students from the Middle East to apply for the Scholarship for Christian Young People. Applications for the 2019/20 academic year open online at the end of January 2019.

Ambulance Bear Steps In

2019. január 14., tags: hungarian reformed church aid

“Many will get this teddy bear at the most critical moment in their lives, our hearts are grateful when we think about the comfort and help we can give through these bears,” emphasized Pál Győrfi, spokesman for the NAS, about the Ambulance Bear project. The HRCA launched its newest joint project with the NAS under the slogan: “a teddy bear for every ambulance,” to brighten the mood of the 45 thousand children who are in need of ambulance care yearly.

Reformed by Blood

2019. január 07., tags: reformed church in transcarpathia, Ukraine, ukraine, hungarian reformed church

“Drafts are no longer being sent out, but compulsory military enlistment is reintroduced and our youth is dealing with great difficulties marching to war among Ukrainians,” stated Rev. Géza Kacsó on the current situation in Transcarpathia.

5+1 Things you should know about Starpoint’s new coordinator

2018. december 31., tags: interview, rch, starpoint, Starpoint

We introduce you to Edina Prikryl, the coordinator of the Starpoint Festival 2019. The colleague of the RCH National Youth Office talks about her journey that has led her to the Reformed Church.

Christmas with Refugees

2018. december 22., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, christmas

This past Thursday, December 20, friends, family and beneficiaries of Kalunba came together and celebrated the holiday season with lots of laughter, good food and great company.

Christmas Message from the General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church

2018. december 17., tags: christmas, general convent, hungarian reformed church, General Convent

Christmas circular letter to all congregations and institutions of the Hungarian Reformed Church

WCRC welcomes new intern from RCH

2018. december 12., tags: wcrc, WCRC

WCRC welcomes new intern, Ms. Katalin Szalai, from the RCH, to serve in their offices in Hannover, Germany.  

Mission of Reconciliation in Hungary

2018. december 12., tags: roma ministry, reconciliation

In Rwanda, reconciliation work has helped to heal the wounds of those who had been affected during the Genocide in 1994. After participating in various reconciliation workshops, the RCH Roma Mission has adopted the work of Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd to help reconciliation between Roma and non-Roma people in Hungary.

Hope for Peace and Renewal

2018. december 11., tags: Middle East, middle east, syria, armenian evangelical community in syria, union of armenian evangelical churchesin the near east (uaecne)

In celebration of the completion of major restoration, the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church held a rededication service on 2 December 2018 in Aleppo, Syria. Hundreds of worshippers were present, as well as high-ranking religious, community, and state leaders. The RCH also shares this joyous celebration in spirit.

Transylvanian Reformed Church District Denied Restitution of Székely Mikó High School

2018. december 06., tags: székely miko high school, miko, reformed church in romania, székely mikó high school, románia, transylvanian reformed church district, romania, Romania, Transylvanian Reformed Church District

Six years ago, the Reformed high school was renationalized by the Romanian state, after which the Transylvanian Reformed Church District appealed to the Romanian Supreme Court. On 22 November 2018, the Court rejected the appeal to rightfully reclaim the school.

Let Us Open the Church’s Kitchen!

2018. december 05., tags: diaconia

One of the Country’s most modern kitchens and day-care for people living with disabilities is moving in January 2019 to a new building that was built from a contribution from the Reformed Church in Hungary, without foreign or government support, out of their own resources in Baja. Six hundred meals are made, daily, in the kitchen, and given to those who are sick, homeless and/or disabled. The day-care for people with disabilities provides for forty young people who cannot attend school anymore. All of this is a service which is not self-serving, but is for the glory of God was emphasized at the opening ceremony.

RCH journeys with PCT

2018. december 01., tags: Taiwan Ecumenical Forum, Presbyterian Church of Taiwan

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, long-standing partner of RCH, issued a prophetic call to journey together in pursuit of justice and peace for Taiwan and the Asia Pacific. RCH echoed the call positively.

Together in Hope and Witness

2018. november 26., tags: conference of european churches (cec)

CEC Governing Board met in Brussels. Zsuzsanna Répás, member of the board on behalf of the Hungarian Reformed Churches was also in attendance. As usual, the board took the opportunity to respond to important events and crises in the world and issued three public issues statements as a result.

HRCA Visits Refugees at Kalunba

2018. november 26., tags: refugee, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), kalunba, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca), refugee ministry

A few Saturdays ago, on 17 November, Kalunba Social Services Ltd. hosted doctors from the emergency medical team of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) and offered free health check for Kalunba beneficiaries.

Staying True amidst Changing Context

2018. november 23., tags: synod, partnership, Synod, dutch reformed church (drc)

The General Secretary of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC), Gustav Claassen visited Hungary, in his speech at the Synod he emphasized: similarly to the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) DRC is also continuously trying to find the answer to the question of what it means to stay true to the Reformed confessional basis amidst changing contexts. The South African church leader mentioned three practical examples.

Head of RCH Diaconal Office awarded

2018. november 20., tags: diaconia

In celebration of International Day for Older Persons, the Minister of Human Capacities awarded prizes in Pesti Vigadó, honoring the help given to older persons by individuals and municipalities. On 9October, Rev. András Besztercey, head of the Diaconal Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary, was also recognized.

Strengthening Inter-Congregational Solidarity

2018. november 19., tags: interview

Deputy Lay President Sándor Veres has been elected to be the new Lay President of the Danubian Reformed Church District. The election was called due to the death of the former Lay President, László Tőkéczki. Sándor Veres feels that while he is grateful for the support he has received, he will have some big shoes to fill. His goal in his work is to strengthen solidarity among congregations

Former Bishop of Transylvanian Church District passes away

2018. november 14., tags: reformed church in romania, Transylvanian Reformed Church District, transylvanian reformed church district

Rev. Géza Pap, former Bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District, suddenly passed away on 13 November 2018.

Cherish the Church

2018. november 13., tags:

On the last Sunday of October, Reformed congregations collect offerings for a seeded cause following the decision of the Synod. The selected congregation for 2018 is the Reformed Congregation in Kesznyéten, where the church has been in a non-usable condition for ten years. The offerings will go towards restoring the church so that the congregation may celebrate Sunday worship there again.

The History of Reformation in Hungary

2018. november 12., tags: reformation

Nicholas T. Parsons provides a comprehensive and detailed account of the history of the Reformation in Hungary. He reflects on the exhibition, “Grammar and Grace,” that was temporarily held in the Hungarian National Museum in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017.

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