HRCA expands with dog rescue and volunteer firefighters

2019. március 19., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca)

The Orion Volunteer Firefighter Association is continuing its activities under a new name, the Research Rescue Team of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. This was decided at the General Assembly of Hajdú-Bihar County Organization on Friday, March 7, where Márton Juhász, Executive Director of the HRCA, was elected as a Member of the Board, as well.

Unity of the Spirit Beyond Borders

2019. március 19., tags: partnership, church of south india (csi) transcibiscan reformed church district

At the beginning of February, Rev. Károly Fekete, bishop of the Transtibiscan Church District, Rev. Zsigmond Vad, dean of the Debrecen Reformed Presbytery, Rev. Endre Iszlai, pastor of Reformed congregation in Nagysándor-telep, and Rev. László Gonda, ecumenical officer of the Transtibiscan Church District visited India to learn of opportunities to support the local Protestant institutions.

International Ecumenical Youth Meeting

2019. március 13., tags: youth, taizé, taize, lebanon

Beirut will be hosting the “International Ecumenical Youth Meeting” at the invitation of the Churches of Lebanon and the Middle East Council of Churches along with the French Ecumenical Taizé Community. A delegation of 7 young people from RCH will also attend the ecumenical program.

Little School, Great Opportunities

2019. március 11., tags: rch, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc)

“We have a great teacher community; we can count on each other, as the students can count on us. Our most important mission is to maintain and grow.” This year, we had the opportunity to support the Hungarian Christian High School in Léva with donations from the Transtibiscan Reformed Charity Ball. In preparation for the event, we visited the institution in southern Slovakia (in Hungarian called Felvidék) to see the everyday life of the smallest Reformed school in the Carpathian Basin.

Building a House of Reconciliation

2019. március 04., tags: roma ministry, reconciliation

From February 20-23, a seminar on reconciliation took place in the beautiful mountains of Mátraháza, Hungary. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate reconciliation within the Hungarian context. Personal reflection from Stephanie Chunoo.

HRCA Donation Campaign for Syria

2019. március 04., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), union of armenian evangleical churches in thenear east (uaecne), hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), rch, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca), syria, armenian evangelical community in syria, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon(nessl)

Maintaining the partnership with the Reformed communities in the Middle East, the HRCA expands the donation campaign to support not only the community programs like the Sunday school project, but also various humanitarian programs.

Communities of Hope

2019. február 26., tags: eco congregation

Professionals warn of a long-lasting ecological crisis. Pollution and climate change are facts, and the solution is being shown by small communities, including congregations, through their prophetic lifestyle and impact in the world. This topic, among many others, was discussed at the Eco-Congregation Conference on January 5th at the RCH Synod Hall in Budapest.

Programs for the Year of Unity

2019. február 26., tags: rch

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the reunion of the Hungarian Reformed Church, a youth festival, several professional forums, and other annually organized programs held throughout the Carpathian Basin, will determine the rhythm of 2019. We gathered these transborder Reformed programs below.

Unity Day and Diaspora in Focus

2019. február 22., tags: general convent, General Convent

The February meeting of the Presidium of the General Convent was hosted by the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District, where the Bishops and Lay Presidents discussed preparations for the Unity Day Celebration in May and the current situation of the Hungarian Reformed Diaspora.

Her vocation: Police officer and Pastor

2019. február 11., tags: interview

“In the police profession, I was attracted to being able to help, that I can support people – and it is also present in my vocation as a pastor.” Staff Sergeant Andrea Pallagi works at the Children and Youth Protection Detective Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK). She is a detective, but she also leads an at-home bible study group at Budapest-Káposztásmegyer Reformed Congregation and preaches from time to time. She carries a service weapon and likes to shoot, but only for target practice. Her dream is to establish a police chaplaincy unit modeled by the military chaplaincy service.

Take a Selfie without Makeup

2019. február 06., tags: roma ministry

The heads and mentors of the institutions participating in the joint program of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) and Swiss Church Aid (HEKS) met for the first time on January 10-11, 2019 at the RCH Synod office. The main goal of the two-day workshop was for the pilot institutions to get to know one another, and to share good practices of their institutional cultures. Although the institutions have been using the Index for Inclusion methodological guide since the start of the pilot program, on the second day of the workshop, they worked with the Index in detail.

Arson at Ráday Reformed Dormitory

2019. február 05., tags: reformed dormintory, fire

The joint investigation of the Budapest Police Headquarters and the Budapest Disaster Management Directorates concluded that the fire, which had claimed the life of one person, was caused by arson.

God's Call Guides Young Leader

2019. február 04., tags: wolrd communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The Reformed Church in Hungary congratulates and encourages Katalin Szalai as she begins her term as an intern for the WCRC.

HEKS Conference on Church Cooperation

2019. január 31., tags: church cooperation, national evangelical synod of syria and leabnon (nessl), syria, HEKS, armenian evangelical communities in syria, heks, fellowship of evangelical churches in the middle east (fmeec), union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne)

In January, HEKS/EPER, the aid organization of the Swiss Protestant Churches, held a conference in Zurich, Switzerland, focusing on the cooperative work with the FMEEC. Representing the RCH, Rev. Balázs Ódor led a workshop detailing the partnership and cooperation between the RCH and the churches in the Middle East through HEKS.

Call for Prayers and Support after Devastating Seminary Fire

2019. január 25., tags: fire, rch, Reformed Dormitory

The World Communion of Reformed Churches has also expressed its solidarity and shared a call for prayer after the devastating seminary fire.

General Secretaries visit Budapest

2019. január 24., tags: Bible Society, hungarian bible society

Leaders of nearly fifty Bible Societies visited the capital of Hungary on 15-17 January 2019.

Fire broke out at Reformed Dormitory

2019. január 24., tags: Reformed Dormitory, rch, fire

On the evening of Wednesday, 23, January, fire broke out at the Reformed dormitory on Ráday street in Budapest. The fire took the life of one person.

Application Call for Scholarship for Christian Young People

2019. január 15., tags: scholarship

Once again, the Hungarian Government invites students from the Middle East to apply for the Scholarship for Christian Young People. Applications for the 2019/20 academic year open online at the end of January 2019.

Ambulance Bear Steps In

2019. január 14., tags: hungarian reformed church aid

“Many will get this teddy bear at the most critical moment in their lives, our hearts are grateful when we think about the comfort and help we can give through these bears,” emphasized Pál Győrfi, spokesman for the NAS, about the Ambulance Bear project. The HRCA launched its newest joint project with the NAS under the slogan: “a teddy bear for every ambulance,” to brighten the mood of the 45 thousand children who are in need of ambulance care yearly.

Reformed by Blood

2019. január 07., tags: reformed church in transcarpathia, Ukraine, ukraine, hungarian reformed church

“Drafts are no longer being sent out, but compulsory military enlistment is reintroduced and our youth is dealing with great difficulties marching to war among Ukrainians,” stated Rev. Géza Kacsó on the current situation in Transcarpathia.

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