Commitment to the Gospel, Passion for Justice

2018. szeptember 13., tags: honorary doctorate, partnership, rch, presbyterian church of korea (pck), debrecen reformed theological university

Debrecen Reformed Theological University presented Rev. Dr. Jooseop Keum with an honorary doctorate for his ecumenical engagement in shaping the Reformed and ecumenical theological thinking of our time.

Dr. Keum to receive Honorary Doctorate

2018. szeptember 06., tags: debrecen reformed theological university, honorary doctorate, jooseop keum

The Debrecen Reformed Theological University bestows an Honorary Doctorate to Rev. Dr. Jooseop Keum, pastor of PCK, former WCC executive and long-time friend of RCH. The ceremony of the Opening of the Academic Year of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University is to start this Saturday in the Great Church of Debrecen. Bishop Károly Fekete will preach at the service, which includes the bestowing of honorary doctoral degrees.

Is Europe giving up its Values?

2018. szeptember 05., tags: interview, rch, reformed intellectuals, migration, refugee

What can we learn from research studies on immigration? In this day and age, is any and all movement of people happening to the detriment of the Christian world? What religious and cultural differences exist between Europe and the Islamic world? It is such questions that Hanga Horváth-Sántha, senior researcher at the Migration Research Institute, and Nikoletta Incze, researcher at the Center for the Study of Political Islam deal with during their work. They were present at the Conference of Reformed Intellectuals in Szárszó, where we talked to them about the current situation regarding Islam and Western culture.

Strengthening Our Youth Leaders

2018. augusztus 13., tags: konfi+, interview, youth mission

“Give attention to yourself and your teaching” (1 Timothy 4:16) – Organizers chose this verse to be the motto of this year’s Konfi+ Conference. This year Oradea (Nagyvárad) in Romania hosted the Konfi + Conference from 5 to 8 August. We talked with Rev. Péter Bedekovics, Reformed pastor and the new leader of the RCH Youth Office, about the themes and preparations for the conference.

Reformed Gathering in Szárszó

2018. augusztus 26., tags: refugee, migration

The Conference of Reformed Intellectuals opened its gate once again in Balatonszárszó from 23-26 August 2018. The conference focused on immigration and emigration.

A Week of Growth

2018. augusztus 08., tags: Church of Scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS), church of scotland (cofs), Scottish Mission, childrens camp, scottish mission, refugee ministry

St. Columba’s Scottish Mission held the annual English Day Camp 2-6 July 2018. This week proved to be a week of much growth in confidence, self-esteem, and friendship.  

Values of Life, Love, Family

2018. július 27., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), rohingyas, hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), emergency response

The medical team of the HRCA has safely returned to the loving arms of their families. Working alongside local and international aid organizations, the HRCA medical team left a long-term impact on the refugee camp. However, they did not come back empty handed.

True examples of partnership

2018. július 18., tags: partnership, refugee ministry

Extraordinary pledges, donations, and other signs of solidarity are shown from partner churches and organizations in response to a call from the Reformed Church in Hungary in support of Kalunba Social Services Ltd.

A Sign of Peace and Partnership

2018. július 10., tags: partnership, church of lippe

A delegation from the Church of Lippe, made a partnership visit to Hungary at the end of June. During this visit, the group was introduced to the recent activities of the RCH and met with representatives of various ministries.

15th Celebration of the Reformed Songs Festival

2018. július 09., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), reformed songs festival

The Reformed Songs Festival celebrated their 15th annual concert on 7 July 2018. Hundreds joined in song as the choirs performed at the largest musical celebration of the Hungarian Reformed Church.

WCRC Reaffirms Rights of Migrants

2018. július 08., tags: refugee, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The WCRC is gravely concerned with the denial of the fundamental human rights of refugees and those seeking asylum at various borders across the world. 

HRCA Medical Team serves to Rohingyas

2018. július 05., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), emergency response, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca)

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) aims to help and serve among Rohingya refugees in Kutupalong, Bangladesh. The HRCA has launched a donation campaign in order to support this mission.

The One Body of Christ

2018. július 03., tags: mission trip, presbyterian church of the republic of korea (prok)

For a second time, the Korean Presbyterian Church of Minnesota (part of PCUSA) came to Transcarpathia on a Vision Trip. Steve Chung, member of the group shares his reflection on his service and experiences in Transcarpathia, Ukraine.

Support and Solidarity within and beyond Carpathian Basin

2018. június 27., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), middle east, Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), Middle East, interview

This year the Reformed Educational Fund supported various educational institutions in the Carpathian Basin and the Scholarship Program for the Church Schools in Syria.

Erasmus+ TUT Meeting in Budapest

2018. június 25., tags: refugee, refugee minstry, erasmus+ project

The RCH hosted the Erasmus+ TUT project meeting in Budapest, taking the lead by introducing the extensive work with refugees being done in Hungary. Participants also continued discussions of the future of the project.

Donation Campaign Finishes in June

2018. június 20., tags: Middle East, middle east, HEKS, heks

Till the end of June we can still support the Syrian children who are living under difficult circumstances - even with the price of a scoop of ice-cream - reads in the final call for donations of the Church Aid.

Those who died on the journey of hope

2018. június 18., tags: refugee, refugee ministry

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the Hungarian Sant'Egidio Community invites Christians to remember those fellow human beings who ’died on the journey of hope.

Witness, Justice, Hospitality: CEC Assembly has Finished

2018. június 12., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), conference of european churches (cec)

After nine full days of worship, listening and learning, the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly of the Conference of European Churches has drawn to a close. Ms. Zsuzsanna Répás of the Hungarian Reformed Church was elected  to the Governing Board of CEC.

From Budapest to Novi Sad

2018. május 30., tags: conference of european churches (cec), assembly

Five years after Budapest, the 2018 CEC General Assembly is being held in Novi Sad, Serbia, where participants will explore the concepts of justice, witness, and hospitality from a European Christian perspective. The RCH is actively participating in the Assembly.

God’s Kingdom Visible in Education

2018. május 30., tags: roma ministry, HEKS, heks, education

Colleagues of the Reformed Church in Hungary’s Roma Mission and HEKS-RCH joint project organized a workshop on the Inclusive Reformed Primary Schools at the Synod Office. The participants learned about the position of Hungarian primary education institutions regarding inclusion, discussed the topic during a roundtable session, and shared their practical experiences of the Inclusion Index.

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