Crying with the criers

2019. május 30., csütörtök

The Hungarian Reformed Church is calling for donations for the survivors and the families of victims of the cruise ship accident that happened on the Danube in Budapest on Wednesday evening. “We would like to express our sympathy with our Korean Christian brothers and sisters who were always ready to help when we were in trouble” - said Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó.

One often feels words are insufficient to express sympathy. This was the case when the news of the tragic cruise ship accident reached us: yesterday a cruise ship turned over in a crash and sank, seven persons were saved and seven were found dead but we fear the missing more than twenty persons, Korean tourists and their guides along with the Hungarian crew of two have also drowned. We share the grief of their families and relative and pray for them.

Prayers for survivors and the victims' relatives are what we ask for from Christians. Also, anyone ready and able to donate to the survivors, the  the families and the orphans of the deceised can do so by money transfer to the Hungarian Reformed Church's bank account opened for the purpose. The sum will be handed over to the supported families through the Korean Reformed Church in Budapest. We would like to express our sympathy with our Korean Christian brothers and sisters who were always ready to help when we were in trouble.

When I was invited to South Korea three years ago I visited the memorial in Ansan for the victims of the Sewol ferry that sank in 2014. 295 students passed away in that terrible accident. I was also introduced to several parents, relatives and a survivor by a pastor of the Ansan church. There were several of us from various countries all around the world, pastors, whose job is so deeply connected to words, still, all of us stood still at the memorial. But the testimonial of the Christian parents helped us to overcome our feelings. It was then I asked myself: does one really need to travel so far to learn what crying with the criers means?

Today we mourn in Budapest. I was deeply moved then, I feel deep pain now: our beautiful city, our beloved Danube have turned into a grave. I turn to God for consolation, to whom I turn in the name of the Redeemer who returned to the glorious heaven from earth – and this is what I call every Christian to do.”

Please transfer your donations to the below bank account. Donations for the families of the Hungarian victims can also be sent here.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó


Account owner: Magyarországi Református Egyház

GIRO: 10702019-19024048-55300001

Currency: HU

When transferring please state: ship accident

For transfers from abroad:

IBAN: HU46 1070 2019 1902 4048 5530 0001


Bank: CIB Bank Zrt.

Address: 1027 Budapest, Medve u. 4-14.

Translated by Regéczy-Nagy Enikő

Photoa by Kalocsai Richárd

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