Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

2018. március 21., tags: mission, world council of churches (wcc)

Every decade the International Mission Council and the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME) hold a joint conference, the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism. The conference was held this year, 8-13 March in Arusha, Tanzania with the theme, Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship.

Migration Through a Theological Lens

2016. december 14., tags: churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme), world council of churches (wcc), conference of european churches (cec), refugee

CEC, CCME, and WCC gathered 30 participants from a diversity of church backgrounds to discuss migration through a theological lens. Rev Aaron Stevens from the Scottish Mission, a joint congregation of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Church of Scotland, represented Hungary at the meeting.

Mission in Secularized Contexts Seminar

2016. február 23., tags: world council of churches (wcc), world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

Representatives of different Christian traditions analyze the challenges for mission in secularized contexts during a seminar 22-26 February in Berekfürdő, Hungary. RCH's former Presiding Bishop, Rector Gusztáv Bölcskei as member of WCC Central Comittee also attends and participates.

WCC/UN conference calls for coordinated action on refugee crisis

2016. január 26., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), united nations (un)

Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, head of the RCH Refugee Ministry, recently represented the RCH at the World Council of Churches/United Nations high level conference on the refugee crisis in europe, which took place at the Ecumenical Centre Geneva on 18-19 January. A statement has been issued entitled "Europe’s Response to the Refuge Crisis, From Origin to Transit, Reception and Refuge, A Call for Shared Responsibility and Coordinated Action”.

Mapping Migration: New publication from CCME and the World Council of Churches

2016. január 26., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), churches' commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

The RCH participated in the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) joint study, Mapping Migration: Mapping Churches’ Responses in Europe. The 2016 text explores challenges and changes in the European church landscape in light of international migration through theological interpretation, sociological accounts, and the voices of migrants themselves.

“European solidarity must be strengthened”

2015. november 02., tags: world council of churches (wcc), refugee ministry, refugee

Today 35 bishops and church leaders from 20 countries gathered in Munich, Germany to discuss the refugee situation and the role of the churches in Europe.

Refugee crisis to be discussed in Munich

2015. október 28., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc)

The international refugee crisis will be the focus of a consultation of 35 bishops and church leaders from 20 countries, to be held on 29 October in Munich, Germany.

The churches walk with refugees in Hungary

2015. szeptember 30., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc)

“I cannot forget the poignant memories of the march when thousands of refugees set out from Budapest, Hungary, towards Austria, and finally reached the other side of the border aboard buses provided by the Hungarian government,” said Bishop Tamas Fabiny of the Lutheran Church in Hungary, vice-president of the Lutheran World Federation. Bishop Fabiny spoke with members of a delegation from the World Council of Churches (WCC) during their visit to Budapest.

Pilgrimage for Climate Justice – cycling for a healthy environment

2015. szeptember 30., tags: week of creation, eco-congregation, world council of churches (wcc)

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) draws near, Christian people are planning a pilgrimage to express their solidarity with those directly affected by climate change, and their wish to unite in protecting the environment.

Tveit: We need an international solution to the refugee crisis

2015. szeptember 30., tags: world council of churches (wcc), refugee ministry, refugee

Representatives of major international ecumenical organizations visited Hungary 25-29 September to strengthen efforts in support of refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

Representatives of ecumenical agencies will visit Hungary amidst refugee crisis

2015. szeptember 25., tags: refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), refugee

Amidst the current refugee crisis, representatives of major international ecumenical organizations will embark on a solidarity visit to Hungary from 25 to 28 September.

WCC delegation to visit Churches in Ukraine

2015. március 16., tags: hungarian reformed church (hrc), reformed church in sub-carpathia, visit, Ukraine, ukraine, world council of churches (wcc)

A World Council of Churches (WCC) delegation led by the WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit will visit Ukraine from 17 to 20 March to explore how the international ecumenical community may best support churches in Ukraine so that they can contribute to the search for peace in this country.

International Ecumenical Solidarity for the Ukraine

2015. március 04., tags: world council of churches (wcc), reformed church in sub-carpathia, WCRC, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), Ukraine, Sub-Carpathia, wcrc, ukraine, hrca, HRCA

It was in March 2014 that Bishop Sándor Zán Fábián first addressed publicly the threat reality and proximity of the Ukrainian war. More than a year has passed. The ecumenical solidarity with the Reformed Church in Sub-Carpathia has become stronger with the crisis.

RCH Representative Participates in WCC Consultation for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

2014. június 20., tags: presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok), presbyterian church of korea (pck), world council of churches (wcc), korea, Korea

The latest step in the World Council of Churches’ (WCC) call for justice and peace came just outside Geneva, when church leaders from 34 countries, including representatives from both North and South Korea, gathered in Bossey to examine ways of promoting peace and reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula.

Discussing the Hungarian Perspective on World Mission

2013. november 08., tags: interview, world council of churches (wcc), general assembly, mission, laszlo gonda, statement, wcc

Rev. Dr. László Gonda has been a member of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism since 2006 and together with his fellow commissioners, helped develop the new mission statement of the World Council of Churches (WCC) entitled, Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes.

Bishop Bölcskei met with Armenian Church Leaders at WCC Assembly

2013. november 05., tags: armenia, azerbaijan, general assembly, world council of churches (wcc), busan, bishop

Within the context of the 10th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches, Gusztáv Bölcskei, presiding bishop of the RCH, participated in meetings at the Assembly in South Korea with His Holiness Karekin II, supreme patriarch and Catholicos of the Holy See of St. Echmiadzin and All Armenians and also Nareg Alemezian, Archbishop and representative of the Cilician Catholicosate (Lebanon).

WCC General Secretary Visits Hungary

2013. április 12., tags: olav fyske tveit, ecumenical council of churches in hungary (ecch), world council of churches (wcc), tveit

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary (ECCH) welcomed the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr. Olav Tveit, to Budapest this week where he met with several church and political leaders, including Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

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