2017 Reformation jubilee

In 2017, Reformed churches around the world will celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and in Hungary preparation for the jubilee year has already begun. 

A state organized committee consisting of state and church leaders met for the first time on 23 January to mark the inaugural meeting of the joint committee tasked with the planning and organization of the upcoming anniversary celebrations. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Speaker of Parliament László Köver and Minister for Human Resources Zoltán Balog were all in attendance. The full committee consists of representatives from Catholic and Protestant churches. Károly Hafenscher, president of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, will lead the commission, while Minister Balog oversees its operation. As planning continues, the committee will seek advice from the German, Swiss and Dutch Ambassadors, who were also present at the meeting.


Presiding President of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Gusztáv Bölcskei, offered some words  during the occasion, saying that this celebration is not only for those churches originating from the reformation, but that by the end of the Middle Ages reformation had restored courage to people who needed it in order to lead their lives and look toward their future. The reformation offered a solution to a problem that the churches alone could not cope with any longer.

Bölcskei also mentioned that five years ago, on the 22nd of May, the unity of Hungarian reformed believers was declared. The Hungarian Reformed Church would like to celebrate the jubilee this year, and for this occasion an international reunion of reformed believers will be held.

The joint-events of the Hungarian Reformed and Lutheran Churches for 2017

Common Synod Session: In October 2017, the two churches will hold a common Synod session to solidify agreements made between the institutions and as an expression of celebration, officially commemorating the reformation.

Protestant exhibition: An exhibition based on controversial theological matters and art history will be on display in the National Gallery from March to November 2017, organized through the co-operation of the Reformed and Lutheran historical archives.

Publishing of a Protestant encyclopedia: A digital edition of the Encyclopedia of Hungarian Protestant Church History and the History of Culture will be released 30 September 2017.

Academic/scientific conferences: Dr. Károly Fekete and Dr. Tibor Fabiny will organize several conferences on different topics related to the reformation, such as the theological impulses of reformation and their long-lasting effects, effects of reformation on particular areas and the present interpretation of reformation.

Cultural programs: a number of cultural programs to be held in the Budapest Sport Arena.



Amy Lester

source: kormany.hu/reformatus.hu