New Acting Ministerial President of the Synod

Bishop Dániel Pásztor took the role of the acting president of the Synod of RCH and will represent the church together with Lay President János Molnár until the upcoming synod meeting.

2024 zsinat BZ borító

Bishop Balog Resigns As President of RCH

Bishop Zoltán Balog resigned as Ministerial President of the Reformed Church in Hungary at an informal meeting of the Synod on 16 February. Until the next Synod meeting, Dániel Pásztor, Bishop of the Cistibiscan Reformed Church District, Ministerial Vice-President of the Synod, will assume the role of acting President.

2024 február 13. Balog Zoltán nyilatkozat borítókép

Statement of Bishop Zoltán Balog

Deans and Lay Presidents of the Presbyteries of the Reformed Church in Hungary Affirm Confidence in the Bishop. Presidential Council Presents Requests to the Bishop.

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Church with Others

Roma Ministry

"Take Delight in the Lord, and He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart"

The Diaconia of the Reformed Church in Hungary has become the country's largest afterschool operator after the Directorate-General for Social Inclusion deemed the operation of fourteen Reformed afterschools worthy of support for the next three-year period. The afterschools, which serve local children from typically difficult circumstances, include some that have been in operation for nearly a decade, but two newcomers will start operating in 2024.

Plans of the Roma Ministry for 2024

The staff of the National Reformed Roma Ministry will continue to organise a variety of events, meetings, and trainings in 2024 to promote the Gospel values and the importance of reconciliation between peoples.

The Outstretched Arms of Jesus Christ

The Roma Ministry of the Diaconia of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH), held a conference and a professional day for the first time for all who are involved in Roma ministry throughout the Carpathian Basin. The event on November 15th was attended by pastors, professionals, colleagues, and co-workers.

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Migration and Refugee

Community Christmas Events at the Refugee Ministry

The Refugee Ministry of HRCA recently hosted two community events to bring its clients together for Christmas. The events were open to clients of the Refugee Ministry and featured various activities, from building gingerbread houses to crafting decorations.

CCME General Assembly Elects Treasurer from Hungary

The Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) hosted its General Assembly in Rome this year. RCH was represented by László Zságer, head of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’s (HRCA) Refugee Ministry, and Angela Canadey, project coordinator of the Refugee Ministry.

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Christians in Minority

Perseverance Nurtured by Hope

Lieutenant Colonel Szilárd Sajtos, a Reformed military chaplain, has visited the Middle East several times as a member of various military missions. In a recently published study on Eastern Christianity, he explained that the survival of the church in the region has been in serious danger due to massive emigration.

Standing Together in Faith

On September 2nd, the Reformed community in Hungary supported two gatherings to bring awareness and affirm its support for the Christian community facing persecution in Pakistan. A gathering hosted by the Érdliget Reformed Parish included powerful testimonies, and another, a prayer group hosted at the community center for the Refugee Ministry, honored the victims of the persecution.

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Census: We Cannot Deny Our Own Responsibility

According to census data published last week, 943,982 people in Hungary declared themselves Reformed last year, which is 200,000 fewer than ten years ago. On this occasion, we spoke to Károly Fekete, Bishop of the Transtibiscan Church District about the reality of our congregations, the role of institutions, and authenticity.

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There Is Also Healing in the Lord for Pains

Three thousand prisoners of Roma origin were executed at the Auschwitz Gypsy camp on the 2 of August 1944. On this day, the Roma of Europe commemorate the Holocaust, the porajmos as they call it, or in the Lovari dialect, the pharrajimos, the destruction.

Zán Fábián Sándor püspök

"The nation lives in church and school"

We talked to Sándor Fábián Zán, Bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transcarpathia (KRE), candidate of the 2022 elections. Among other things, he talked about the past 16 years of his term as Bishop, his current life situation, the present and the future of the Reformed Church.

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SASCE presented in Slovakia and France

Training on security awareness and crisis management in Europe was carried out for CEC Member Churches in Slovakia and France. The sessions were part of …

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