HRCA Supports Victims of Storm

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Fotó: Photo: Márton Neményi

The weather conditions of recent days have made life difficult for thousands of families across the country, and the homes of several families have become uninhabitable due to heavy rainfall entering their houses. As a first step, the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) helps the victims of four settlements.

Heavy rainfalls and storms caused serious problems in almost the entire country on last Sunday and Monday. National Directorate General for Disaster Management has conducted more than four hundred operations due to the stormy weather, and insurance companies are constantly receiving claims from all regions of the country. For many families, the storm damage was a real tragedy: for those living under difficult financial circumstances, it is a challenge to pay for home insurance, as a consequence significant financial reserves would be needed for renovation and reconstruction of damaged buildings.

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Fotó: Photo: Márton Neményi

Pastors and mayors of several settlements have reached out to HRCA for help, as financial reserves of congregations and local governments, due to COVID-19 pandemic, have significantly dwindled. Therefore providing financial support for the population is currently an insurmountable task for them. In the first round, HRCA committed itself to answer requests of four settlements positively - Gyúró and Vértesacsa in Fejér county, and Tiszabercel and Paszab in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. Meanwhile the Research and Rescue Group of HRCA carries out its relief activities under the coordination and in cooperation with the National Disaster Management.

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid launched a donation campaign for the financial support of families whose homes were severly damaged by the storm. Financial means will be used for reconstruction works, including renovation of damaged roofs, and replacement of personal goods and chattels. Online donations are expected at

Fotó: Neményi Márton