A Spoonful of Faith

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) organized an Advent children’s programme to express their gratitude to their donors and volunteers for their support throughout the year. The adults had the chance to experience “a spoonful of faith,” while the children received Nyilas Misi gift boxes full of presents.

The voices of children filled the Budapest Synod Headquarters of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) on 3 December, when HRCA held its annual donor event. The programme, which has become a tradition over the years, was opened by Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei, who went on to light the candles of the Advent wreath with the help of young members of the deaf mission. After that, the activities of HRCA were presented, with testimonies from people about how they had been helped by the Lord. The supporters were also thanked for their generosity.

No faith without action

“Our faith has to be visible in our lives somehow,” said the Ministerial President of the Synod in his worship, adding that the Epistle of James in the New Testament could have been written by someone who has seen present-day Hungary. “Let us adopt the nature of Jesus, his attitude of walking around people. Instead of lamenting over the state of things around us and what our taxes are being spent on, we should see those who are in an even worse predicament and help them.”


Young members of the deaf mission lighting the candles of the Advent wreath

Bishop Bölcskei also expressed his joy over seeing people in the Synod’s assembly room who are living examples of how to make faith and the living Jesus visible. He pointed out that the deaconal service of the Reformed Church aims to give testimony about Christ through faith-driven actions, standing by those in need. “May God give us faith that is alive and not barren, so that we realize what we need to do and who we need to help,” he said.

Mere delivery men

Sándor Pál, President of the Board of HRCA summarized the programmes implemented this year by the Reformed institution. “We cannot be thankful enough for the multitude of offers and help.” Whenever they needed something, miraculously it always turned up in time. As a result, they were able to provide a disabled person with a wheelchair and a pastor with a much-needed car. They could also offer firewood to the poor and support families which had been evicted from their homes. 


Sándor Pál thanking the supporters

Zsolt Molnár, Mayor of Szigetmonostor said a few words to express his gratitude to HRCA for their assistance during the Danube flooding. In Szigetmonostor a dam burst unexpectedly, forcing 157 people to be evacuated. HRCA helped setting up a temporary shelter, and brought food for the people who had been evacuated as well as those working on the defence. The mayor talked about the incredible power of solidarity, which is blessed by the Lord.

“We wouldn’t be here today without faith,” says Júlia Balogh, whose family has come into contact with HRCA more than once. She described how they have been helped by God when her husband fell ill and also in the midst of poverty and natural disasters. Gizella Savanyú Géczyné talked about the church farmers’ market programme. In her view, it is beneficial not only because the first-rate goods reach customers directly from the farmers at a good price, but also because the market has an atmosphere of love, which is a great experience for customers outside the church.


Béres Foundation donated 5000 bottles of Béres Drops

“We are mere delivery men,” said Dániel Osgyán from HRCA about the mission of the Reformed medical team in the Philippines. In November, HRCA provided medical assistance and equipment as well as financial aid to the area that had been devastated by a typhoon.

What we pass on will not be lost

Sándor Pál expressed his gratitude for the over 18 thousand supporters who have helped the work of HRCA with their financial contributions, tangible property, physical work as well as prayers. The president believes that if you do something great for others, you ultimately do it for yourself. “If you know that God did not intend you to keep everything you have and you pass it on, your personality will change and you will experience the joy of serving others,” he added.


The children’s performance

Special mention was made of some major donations: the twenty-year-old Béres Foundation offered 5000 bottles of Béres Drops worth millions of Hungarian Forints, while Intersnack Magyarország Kft., which produces Chio snacks, donated healthy potato chips. Additionally, violinist Zoltán Mága gave a charity concert in Debrecen. Further significant supporters include CIB Bank, Space Engineering Services Kft. as well as Platinum Funeral Services in Hajdú-Bihar County.

“Down here at the table the air is somehow thicker. I always take a spoonful of it with me, to strengthen my own faith,” said a representative of the national distributor of Chio products. The company is active in the field of charity and has supported HRCA for years. The man, who is a member of the Reformed Church, promised to share his experiences at the event with his congregation next Sunday, bringing “a spoonful” to them as well.


The children were not left empty-handed

During the donor event, performances were given by children from the Deaf Mission in Vác, residents of the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed House for Pregnant Women and New Mothers, and the “Narrow Path” Deaconal Youth Group from Marcelháza (Marcelová), Slovakia. “Everyone can do something for others, and I hope you will be able to spread the fervour you have inside,” said Klára Béres, head of Béres Foundation to the performers. At the end of the event, each of the children received a Christmas gift.  

reformatus.hu, photos by Vargosz

translated by Erzsébet Bölcskei