Against Unfair Public Debate

Statement of the Presidential Council of the Synod

The tone and style that has been expressed in recent weeks in public forums and forums of other kind regarding the Reformed Church of Hungary is unworthy not only of the Church, but also of honest public debate. We urge those who discuss the internal affairs of the Reformed Church, whether out of competence or incompetently, to do so with the respect and fairness that we owe to a centuries-old ecclesial community, its leaders and its members in this country. We in church bodies and forums are working toward the renewal of our church. We invite to join in this all people and communities of good will, all those who love for the Church.

Presidential Council, 10 April 2024.

The Presidential Council of the Synod of RCH is composed of the Bishops and Lay Presidents representing the four church districts of RCH (ex officio members). The General Secretary and the Chief Legal Advisor of the Synod attend the meetings of the council in a in a consultative capacity. The council discuss all matters of principle or of economic importance for the Church, as well as major personal issues.