Coronavirus: Announcement of the Presidium

The Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary will soon provide more information about the new guidelines issued by the Hungarian Government.

The Presidium is following the tightening government measures related to the Coronavirus pandemic.

We share in the concern and burden with all of those who are severely affected by this situation.

The Presidency Council of the Reformed Church of Hungary will provide guidance to our congregations and institutions after learning about the details of government restriction measures and before they come into force.

In the meantime the Presidium asks to rely on the power of prayer, which helps us carry these heavy burdens.

Here are some of the key decisions, with specific details coming soon:

  • Nurseries and primary schools will be closed until April 7.
  • All shops, with the exception of grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies and gas stations, must remain closed for a two-week period beginning March 8, next Monday.
  • Between March 8 and 22, all services, except private healthcare services, must remain closed.
  • Fitness centers and gyms will have to close as well. Professional athletes must compete behind closed doors.
  • Outdoor sports activities are still permitted in the case of sports where the minimum 1.5-meter distance can be kept.
  • Obligatory, universal mask-wearing.
  • International travel will be tightened.
  • The wage support program already in place for hotels, bars and restaurants will be extended to cover all shops and services that need to close.

Specific details about the above decisions coming soon.

Updates about the Coronavirus situation in Hungary

Speaking at the weekly Kormányinfó event, Gergely Gulyás, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office, announced that all shops must close between March 8 and 22, with primary schools and nurseries remaining shut until April 7.