Károly Fekete Confirmed as Bishop

Transtibiscan District Assembly has been constituted

The newly elected assembly of the Transtibiscan Church District held its constituting meeting in form of a video conference on 30 January. Due to the virus situation only the most necessary tasks required by the Church laws were performed: the results of the 2020 election were confirmed and the officials of the Church District were elected.


At the beginning of the assembly the re-elected Bishop of the Church District, Bishop Dr. Károly Fekete, prayed for the passing of the pandemic, the healing of the sick, the consolation of mourners and medical doctors and healthcare workers. After the worship the new Lay President of the District, János Molnár offered his greetings and opened the assembly on behalf of the Presidium.

“A Reformed congregation member, elder, chief elder and lay president can and should have multiple responsibilities within the congregation and in the Church at large, but they first and foremost should commit themselves to strengthening the Reformed spirituality which is best promoted by reading the Bible, praying, living out the gospel and singing. We have to look at this as our priority and most important duty.”

The Church District – like the other three districts – created a new office, the position of senior councellor or general secretary whose task will be to support the work of the Presdidium (Bishop and Lay President) by facilitating contacts and the flow of information between the secretaries, speakers, committees within the Church District and coordinate the cooperation with other church bodies, government institutions and partner churches. Rev. Dr László Gonda, assistant professor of Mission Studies at the Reformed Theological University in Debrecen was elected to the position.


Based on the nomination of the Presidium the Assembly elected Rev. Lajos Püski - pastor of the Reformed congretion of Debrecen-Nagyerdő – as deputy bishop. Tamás Gergely Fazekas elder, habilitated professor and head of the institute of the University of Debrecen was elected as lay deputy president.

The assembly also choose additional officers and made proposals regarding certain offices in the soon-to-be-constiuted General Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary which will be convened on 17 February.

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On February 17 the newly elected General Synod will be constituted and elect the Presiding Bishop and Lay President of RCH.