Ark Camp social inclusion project of RCH to become self-funding

Encouraging Christmas Messages for Disadvantaged Children

Well-known and popular musicians and singers sent encouraging messages to thousands of kids during the Advent season who participated at one of the Ark Camps organized by RCH for disadvantaged children. The video messages have been posted on Ark’s Facebook page. They also supported the fundraising campaigh for the project to become self-funding.

Bárka tábor

Emergency, lock-down and distance learning due to COVID-19, insecurity during summer, missed camps and family vacations, confinement, abusive atmosphere. This year has put us all to the test. It is difficult for everyone to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. However, for young people who live without a family and often without loving support, the deficit is perhaps even more critical. “The organizers of the Ark camp of RCH tried to encourage and help the children from distance with the inspirational messages offered by Hungarian celebrities; singers, actors, song writers and bands,” said Orsolya Becze, professional leader of the project.

“Never give up! There is always a way out and there are always people who will welcome and support you with love and will give you wings. So never give up!” says one of the many daily messages posted online for the children during the season of Advent.

Fundraising campaign

At the same time, the Christmas campaign also served as a fundraiser for the future Ark camps and for the social project to be continued as a self-funded program of RCH.


Joci Pápai, singer, Ambassador of Ark Camp

Social inclusion and equal opportunities

The Ark Camp (Bárka tábor) is a large-scale, equal opportunity program of the Reformed Church in Hungary, which was launched in 2018. It offers summer camp opportunities for more than 1,500 children a year, including those who suffer significant disadvantages in their daily lives due to poverty, discrimination and abuse. For these children, the Ark Camp is more than just a camp.

Since the start of the Ark Camp project in 2018, nearly 4000 children living in the most disadvantaged regions of Hungary were given the opportunity to participate in the inclusive summer program.


One of the main objectives of the Ark Camp is to strengthen the inclusive approach, diversity, and social cohesion, thereby increase the capacity for positive adaptation even in challenging circumstances. We also aim to develop the social competencies of children and young people with multiple disadvantages. We encourage the children to break out of their every-day environment and gain insight into a whole new world.

Offer positive experiences. Develop. Encourage. Care. Play. Laugh. Build a community. Strengthen children in overcoming the negative consequences of disadvantage by developing their individual and social competencies.

“Our goal is to show the children that despite their hardships, there is a road that leads to a life full of opportunities.”

Leaflet of the Ark Camp program for download in English

RCH produced a short leaflet with basic information for all those who are interested in partnering with the team of Ark Camp to make a change in the lives of thousands of socially and emotionally disadvantaged children. Click here to download the publication.


There is room for everyone - Video

Fund raising campaign explaines to future partners, including private donors and companies as well, how far their support can make a change.

  • With 10 euros, the cost of a daily meal for a child is covered.
  • With 85 euros we can cover all the expenses of a child for a day.
  • With 150 euros we can organize a health promotion and education workshop for the whole camp.
  • With 420 euros, a child’s weekly camp fees are covered.
  • With 4200 euros, ten children can attend the one-week summer camp.
  • With 11,200 euros we cover the transportation fees of 200 kids from all parts of Hungary.