HRCA is Getting Ready for Christmas

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has launched two national fundraiser campaigns to provide support for socially disadvantaged families, children and elderly people. HRCA is expecting durable food and hygiene products to fill the Love Boxes, while through the program called Christmas Wish List, donors are invited to fulfil Christmas wishes of children in need.

HRCA has invited church members to help make Christmas memorable for as many families, children and the elderly in need as possible. As due to the coronavirus pandemic the number of those facing critical life situation has increased this year, it is even more urgent that those who are able, help others.

Love Box


The Box of Love project takes place each year in the Advent Season. It aims to support socially disadvantaged families with cardboard boxes filled with detergents, toiletries and preservatives. Recyclable Boxes are placed in congregations, working places and schools. Thousands of children and families benefit from the in-kind support annually.

Christmas Wish List

In the other program, HRCA, in consultation with parents, collected typical wishes of a child growing up under difficult social circumstances. The list of wishes provided by parents often include basic items which are obvious for many of us, such as a warm sweater or footwear. Last year, 650 personalized wishes were fulfilled. This year the goal is to raise the number to 2020.


Personalized GIfts

HRCA, through a dedicated online platform, offers three ways for donors to participate in the program. We can select a typical wish list of a child, using different categories like age group and gender. We purchase the selected gifts ourselves and send it by post or deliver it in person to the organization’s headquarter. If donors cannot purchase the selected gift, they can also offer its value. In this case HRCA will buy the chosen product. In the spirit of sustainability, it is also possible to offer second hand products in good condition. Gifts will be given to the parents, so that they can present them to their children on Christmas Eve, strengthening the love relationship and bond of love between children and their parents.

“We deeply hope that both programs will be successful and will attract significant attention, as the need is unfortunately critical. Due to the coronavirus pandemic the number of those facing critical life situation has seriously increased, it is even more urgent that those who are able, help others.”

-reminded Balázs Lutár, Deputy Director of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

This year additional organisations joined the Wish List Program as partners, including the Startup Campus and the National Union of Students’ in Hungary.