Hungarians and Ukrainians Pray For Peace Together

Due to the war in Ukraine, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. IDPs have reached the Western part of Ukraine and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has been providing emergency response from the first day. Daily update.

Seventy thousand loaves of bread will be baked in Transcarpathia from the Hungarian flour donation (09:02)

50 tonnes of flour were delivered to Transcarpathia through the „Bread for Hungarians” programme. This was the first aid consignment from the farmers and more will follow, as there are already supply problems in Western Ukraine. The Reformed Church in Transcarpathia will to ensure that the donation reaches the needy, for whom it is literally a life-saving gift, reports the Hungarian public television. Béla Nagy, the Chief Elder of the Reformed Church in Trancarpathia and director of the Diaconal Center in Berehove, said he could hardly put into words what this help means for them. The bread programme has pledged to help feed the tens of thousands of people who remain in the food insecure region. István Jakab, President of the Association of Hungarian Farmers' Groups (MAGOSZ) and cooperatives, also announced that an additional 10 tonnes of onions and the same amount of vegetables, dry goods and meat would be delivered across the border.

Take air strikes seriously, they ask in Transcarpathia (11:42)

The military administration in Beregszász/Berehove asks people in Transcarpathia to go shelters immediately after the hear the sound of the air raid sirens or receive a notification, reports Berehovo mayor Zoltán Babják has appealed to the public to take the alerts seriously. In such cases, it is also important to turn off the electricity and gas supply, and to take food, drinking water, medicines and documents with them to the shelter. He also asked people to help their neighbours, children and elderly people get to places of safety. If there is no shelter nearby, “do not go out into the street, seek safety in your basement or in recessed areas of your house, bathrooms, door frames,” says the appeal. Residents are also asked not to go near windows to take video or photos in the event of an air raid.

More than 3000 volunteers have registered with the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (13:03)

So far, 3.467 volunteers have registered with the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, according to a report published by the organisation on Monday morning. The church aid's professionals and volunteers are currently working in nine main locations. They are also in contact with many churches and donors. So far they have helped approximately 131.369 people. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’s staff have so far delivered more than 194 tonnes of donations to people in need and more than 82 tonnes of in-kind donation was delivered across the border.

"People fight, but God has given us another fight" (17:33)

We have to fight against sin, not against each other - this is how the video message of László Horkay, retired reformed Bishop of Transcarpathia, can be summarised. Wars are born of envy and hatred, everyone wants to be great and first, but the saviour Jesus teaches us that “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant”. The nations fight against each other, but God has given us another battle: to fight against sin, against the world, against Satan, against the evil within ourselves. “Whoever wins, will inherit everything ibn His kingdom," said László Horkay. The pastor from Nagydobrony said that we must see the brother in the other and pray that we may live in peace. He spoke about refugees to Transcarpathia and the experiences of the people of Transcarpathia so far. Referring to previous conflicts, he said that we have a duty to give to those in need and to turn to them with love, whatever language they speak and wherever they come from.

Ukrainian-Hungarian joint worship service held in Csongor (18:40)

Hungarians and Ukrainians prayed and listened to God's word and encouraging message together on Sunday afternoon in Csongor, Transcarpathia, the Church's community page reports. With many people from the interior of Ukraine arriving in Transcarpathia, the local Reformed community decided it was time to pray for peace together with the refugees who had fled to their homes.

HRCA’s daily operation in numbers

  • Information requested: 1474 persons
  • Transport requested: 175 persons
  • Accommodation requested: 106 persons
  • Mental health assistance: 5 persons
  • Medical care: 210 persons
  • Meals, drinks: 1159 persons
  • Hygiene and childcare products: 364 persons
  • Blankets: 142 persons
  • Number of persons on duty: 135 persons
    • of which volunteers: 111
    • of which health worker: 4
    • of which interpreter: 30

Edited and translated by Anna Derencsényi, international officer of the Diaconia of RCH