Joint Prayer In The Wake Of The Pandemic

The Ecumenical Council of Churches in Hungary (ECCH) and the Hungarian Catholic Bishops' Conference (HCBC) invite churches and congregations to ring of the bell on Sunday morning, June 6, and pray together to the remembrance of all those who lost their lives or mourn their loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ringing the bells shall also be an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for the fact that we have survived, and with God's help there will be a new beginning, says the joint statement. ECCH and HCBC invite the ecumenical community to use the following joint prayer at Sunday worship service and Holy Mass.

Our Heavenly Father! God of Faithfulness! We have been burdened by loss, lock-down, sickness, and perplexity in recent times. We are mourning. We commend into your hands all those who passed away. Forgive their sins and grant them eternal salvation. And we implore you that you comfort those who remained alive.

We assess our losses, we seek one another, we look for the chance of a new beginning, and we seek You, our Lord, God of life and sustenance. We pray that through your Holy Spirit you reveal us your will as we seek to understand what is happening around and within us.

We thank You for keeping us in this trouble and against the tribulations.

We give you thank for all those who have been there for the sick. They work each day to save our lives from this pandemic. Continue to give them strength, perseverance, faith and hope.

Give us your strength, too, and thoughtfulness to recognize and help those in need.

Show us the way forward, who we want to live a better and fuller life, through growing faith and love.

Bless our Church, our country and all the people to whom you have given life.

We pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.