More Than 3500 Volunteers Registered

Due to the war in Ukraine, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. IDPs have reached the Western part of Ukraine and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has been providing emergency response from the first day. Daily update.

Sixty wagons of humanitarian aid from Transcarpathia delivered to war-torn parts of Ukraine (13:37)

About sixty wagons of humanitarian aid have reached the war zone of Ukraine from Transcarpathia, the Western region of Ukraine, reports.

Supplies were also sent from the Czech Republic, Croatia and Hungary. So far, almost 3.6 thousand tonnes of donations have arrived, including food, hygiene items, warm clothes, blankets, mattresses and medical equipment. Over the weekend, members of the Reformed Church from the border went to Kyiv with a busload of donations and returned with refugees. They rescued more than ten orphaned children who had been abandoned. Sándor Zán Fábián, Bishop of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, told InfoRadio that the number of refugees in Beregszász/Berehove is estimated at around 15.000, while in villages it is between 50.000 and 100.000. They are expecting further help and donations, as they are in great need of footwear, clothes and diapers.

The Transdanubian Reformed Church District has already delivered fourteen and a half tons of aid to Transcarpathia (12:41)

The Transdanubian Reformed Church District delivered donations to Transcarpathia in two instalments. Csaba Kálmán, pastor of Alsóörs, the regional curator of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, said in an interview published on the Church District's website that long-term, continuous donations are needed, as it is now mandatory for Hungarian congregations to welcome refugees. The Transdanubian Reformed Church District has donated at first almost eight tonnes of food to the Hungarian communities along the border, and added now six and a half tonnes. Csaba Kálmán draws attention to the fact that it is a great help if donors provide detailed list and descriptions of the products collected. The curator stressed that no one should go to Transcarpathia individually. Donations can only be delivered to the designated humanitarian corridors by prior arrangement. Therefore, congregations that would like to transport the donations themselves should make sure to coordinate with the staff of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

Almost 250 tonnes of donations distributed by the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (14:03)

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid had delivered almost 250 tons of donations to the needy by Thursday morning. More than half of this aid went directly to Transcarpathia, Ukraine. The number of volunteers registered with the charity is increasing, with more than 3.500 people are actively involved in the daily operation. The organisation has already provided aid to more than 140.000 refugees in 10 locations since the outbreak of the war.

HRCA’s daily operation in numbers

  • Information requested: 1267persons
  • Transport requested: 32 persons
  • Accommodation requested: 37 persons
  • Mental health assistance: 105 persons
  • Medical care: 2 persons
  • Meals, drinks: 1017 persons
  • Hygiene and childcare products: 334 persons
  • Blankets: 100 persons
  • Number of persons on duty: 117 persons
    • of which volunteers: 91
    • of which health worker: 1
    • of which interpreter: 38

Edited and translated by Anna Derencsényi, international officer of the Diaconia of RCH.