New Head of the Diaconal Office Appointed

Balázs Bujdosó has been appointed director of the Diaconal Office of RCH since 1 June. The social work professional considers the motto of the deaconesses as source of his motivation: "My reward is that I may serve".

For more than ten years, Balázs Bujdosó headed an integrated municipal social institution in the city of Nagykőrös, in 2017 he joined the work of the foster care network of the Diaconal Office of RCH, and since 2018 he has been the head of the Reformed Foster Parent Network in Western Hungary.

Bujdosó Balázs

The new head of the office graduated from the Károli Gáspár University of RCH as social worker, then continued his studies at the Social Leadership Program of the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, and completed his Master's degree at the Semmelweis University. He also lectures at the Károli University and serves as its field instructor. Balázs Bujdosó lives in Nagykőrös with his wife, they have two children; and they are active members of the local Reformed congregation.

One of the most important tasks for him in his new position is to preserve the current spirit in the Diaconal Office and its related institutions, both in terms of operation and mentality. Another priority is relieving the burdens and difficulties, which colleagues recently had to face mainly due by the pandemic, and strengthen the sense of belonging to a group and the experience of personal encounters.

"Diaconia has always been present in the Church, and we obviously consider it as our mission and task. We look at each individual as God's creature whom we owe help and support whenever they need it,” reminded the new Director.

Speaking of the special role of the church he said that many organisations are capable of supporting those in need, and offer them professional service.

“Still the church considers diaconia as part of its ministry, therefore beside professionalism it offers a spirit and attitude that definitely represents an added value.”

“For me, personally, it is the well-known deaconess motto “It is my reward that I can serve” which expresses the value of this service and reflects best the source of our motivation to do this work every day.”