RCH Switches to Online Worship Again

In light of the second wave and rapid spread of COVID-19 and in accordance with the latest regulations and preventive measures introduced by the Hungarian government, the Presidium of RCH issued a Communique on the 9th of November requesting congregations to suspend all church events with physical presence and switch again to online platforms as of 11th November.

The Presidium of RCH addressed congregations, ministers and church members with the request to suspend all church events and activities until further action. All community events are to be cancelled, including Sunday worships, devotions, marriage preparation courses, bible study groups, confirmation classes, youth events, baby and toddler groups. Official church meetings (sessions, regional and district councils, Synods) and official visitations are being postponed. The temporary regulation applies also to the Elders’ and Women’s Association, any kind of conferences, trainings, and other group activities and community events.

Congregations are encouraged to use online platforms and hotlines for administration, reduce the number of people attending funerals to the closest family members.

The Communique also urges church run conference centers not to accept guests.

Congregations are encouraged to share prayers, reflections and meditations with their members electronically and are invited to follow the morning devotions that are distributed on RCH’s official website every morning. Reformatus.hu will livestream Sunday worships.

Administration involving personal contact should be organized in compliance with safety rules.

„We ask that only well-founded and verified information be shared on social media, refraining from intimidation and irresponsible statements in various forums,” reads the statement.

Kirk sessions cannot be held. Meetings related to the ongoing general elections in the Church, such as election committee sessions must be organized in accordance with epidemiological provisions.