RCH mourns for Kálmán Tarr

In the 74th year of his life, Kálmán Tarr, reformed pastor, founding director of the Kálvin János (John Calvin) Publishing House of RCH and former general secretary of the Hungarian Bible Society passed away.

Kálmán Tarr was born on 16th of January 1947. He graduated from the Madách Imre Secondary School and studied at the Reformed Theological Academy in Budapest between 1965 and 1970. From 1970 until 1975 he worked as research fellow of the Institute for Denominational Studies of RCH. From 1978 he served as the head of the Press Department of the Synod Office and as secretary, later general secretary of the Hungarian Bible Society (until 2003).


He was one of the main organisers of the general assembly of the United Bible Societies in 1988 in Budapest, and the program of the Year of the Bible in 2008. In 1992, on the basis of the Press Department of the Synod Office, he founded the John Calvin Publishing House which he headed as director until his retirement in 2009. Numerous book titles and periodicals of the last forty years, as well as hundreds of thousands of Bible copies published and distributed by the Hungarian Bible Society, are connected with his name and praises his editing work.

He returned to his Creator on 15th of September 2020, surrounded by his family. Arrangements for his funeral will be made and announced in due course.