Shelter for Traumatized Children

Due to the war in Ukraine, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. IDPs have reached the Western part of Ukraine and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has been providing emergency response from the first day. Daily update.

Children living in one of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid’s (HRCA) shelter in Budapest talked their feelings and experiences (10:37)

Families, women with children, often arrived in Hungary leaving back their wider family, friends and all their clothes in Ukraine. Hungarian television channel, RTL Klub's crew talked to the children at the temporary shelter of HRCA in Budapest. It turned out that each of them had left someone or something at home that they have been missing ever since. HRCA's staff organize a number of activities for the children that not only keep them occupied, but also help to distract them from what has happened. Colleagues of the social ministries of HRCA help them addressing traumas.

A lot of donations are delivered by "Te is segíthetsz/You can help too!" Foundation (11:42)

The foundation transport donations first to the border and than to Ukraine, so they can turn between the two countries faster and more often - said Sándor Pál, the chairman of the "You can help too!" Foundation. Most of what they transport are basic products which are increasingly in short supply in Ukraine: non-perishable food, rice, sugar and flour, but also toiletries, hygiene equipment and diapers and baby food for babies. It is also unprecedented that clothing and shoes are also needed, especially for those fleeing to Transcarpathia from Eastern and Central Ukraine, often with only one bag.

The Foundation is in continuous contact with the Bishop of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, Sándor Zán Fábián, and Béla Nagy, head of the Diaconal Center of the church, located in Begerszász/Berehove. The donations are primary stored and distributed by to the diaconal center of the Church, as they know who needs help the most. Sometimes they also deliver to individual congregations, especially those organizing social kitchen, where refugees are offered with food and shelter.

Almost one and a half thousand colleagues and volunteers of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid were on duty yesterday (12:33)

1.493 - that's how many volunteers, interpreters, doctors and other staff working under the auspices of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid were working on Friday. This is the first time since the war started that the number volunteers working in one day has exceeded 1.000. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has so far distributed 184 tonnes of donations, 77 tonnes of which have been delivered to Transcarpathia.

Hungarian reformed community living in US offered help (13:37)

The Hungarian Reformed Church of the San Fernando Valley has also started a collection to help those fleeing the war. Their pastor, Zsolt Jakabffy, spoke about this to the Hungarian public television in Los Angeles, adding that because of the distance they can make donations in cash rather than in kind. He also said that Hungarian organizations, groups and churches overseas have joined forces and plan to deliver their first donations within a week.

Bethesda Reformed Children’s Hospital: Families from Ukraine shouldn’t be afraid to see a doctor! (16:11)

With the story of a brother and sister in Ukraine, the Bethesda Reformed Children's Hospital is encouraging children fleeing the armed conflict and in need of medical care not to be afraid to ask for help. Their story, featured on their Facebook page, is about two little girls who had been struggling with a severe cough and an upper respiratory viral infection for days, yet their mother did not dare take them to hospital. The children were eventually admitted to Bethesda and are now recovering. According to the hospital, the mother tearfully thanked the hospital for taking care of them. They add that the family decided to share their story to encourage Ukrainian families who are afraid to ask for help.

Donations are also welcome at the airport (17:18)

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid welcomes the following at Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport: meat-free soup powder (cups, sachets, bags), small, easy-to-handle sweets, fruit puree in a sachet, disposable small coffee cup. The stand of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid is located at the entrance of Terminal 2A on the arrivals level, every day until 8 pm.

People from Transcarpathia help at the railway station - a touching story reported by (18:37)

Long before the outbreak of war, a man from Transcarpathia arrived in Budapest and is now helping people fleeing the war every day at the Western Railway Station of Budapest. In an article for, he talks about the unity of Hungarians. It also talks about the pain of the victims and how to alleviate it. “As I prayed, I understood that their burdens were carried by Jesus Christ. God said to me: you just listen to them. It's enough if you can pray with them or say a kind word to them.”

Edited and translated by Anna Derencsényi, international officer of the Diaconia of RCH