In Solidarity for Peace in the Korean Peninsula

Message of Solidarity at the 70th memorial of the Korean War

Today we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. RCH has been journeying with the Korean Presbyterian community for reconciliation, peace and reunification for decades, in close cooperation and partneship especially with PCK and PROK. We commemorate the painful division of the Korean people and commit ourselves for continuing joint efforts for peace. As sign of our ongoing sympathy, we publish the message of solidarity of RCH's Presidium, sent out on the occasion of the Peace Convocation convened by PROK on June 20.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

It is our distinct honor and pleasure to send greetings and blessings on behalf of the Hungarian Reformed Church to the community of PROK, and to all our friends in Christ in Korea, at the occasion of the 70th memorial year of the outbreak of the Korean War.

Please, be assured of our prayers, solidarity and support as you continue striving for reunification of the Korean nation and serving the Gospel values of peace, healing and reconciliation.

2020 marks the 70th memorial of the Korean war, which has divided your nation and families and caused so many pains and suffering. We feel deep sympathy with you as we ourselves experienced division and pain 100 years ago, when the Peace Treaty of Trianon, closing World War I, divided our nation and church community.

Please know, that your faith based commitment for reunification and reconciliation has ever been a great example and inspiration for our community, reminding and encouraging us to look into the future with hope, see and shape the reality of this suffering world from the perspective of God’s coming kingdom in Jesus Christ, and commit ourselves to the ministry of reconciliation as Ambassadors of Christ.

We join your prayer in solidarity and cooperation, in the hope that our joint cry for peace “will open ears and minds” and our witness about Jesus Christ; Mediator and Reconciler, Prince of Peace, sign and fulfilment of God’s abundant love will be heard.

This is how we join, in love and prayer, the Peace Convocation and wish God’s rich blessings upon your powerful witness for peace, and upon your ministry for justice in the bond of the Spirit.

In gratitude for our mutually enriching and empowering partnership and fellowship.

May God richly bless your People and the Peace Convocation!