Striving for Solidarity

The Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Bishop István Szabó and Lay President Pál Huszár, issued the declaration below on the occasion of the Year of National Cohesion, confirming the call Christian churches and organisations published earlier.

The General Convent, consulting body of the Hungarian Reformed Churches, Church Districts and Presbyteries, in the closing statement after its meeting on 19-20 June 2012 decided to include June 4, the Day of National Cohesion, among the recommended festive days for the Hungarian Reformed community. The Convent requested the congregations to ring the bells of the churches, based on the decision of the local church councils, both on 22nd May, on the day of the Hungarian Reformed Unity, and on 4th June, on the occasion of the National Day of Cohesion.

The Presidium of RCH, reiterating and confirming the above declaration asks the local church councils (Kirk sessions) to ring the bell of their churches, as far as possible, both on May 22 in honor of our unity in the Carpathian Basin and on June 4 to the memory of the 100th anniversary of the Trianon (Versaille) Peace treaty.   

Christ is our future, we want to follow Him together.

Presidium of RCH

The Hungarian National Assembly approved the proposal to declare 2020 a Year of National Cohesion to mark the 100th anniversary of the post-WWI Trianon Peace Treaty last June. Under the proposal, commemorations and programmes will be organised in Hungary, in the Carpathian Basin and elsewhere in the world with the aim to strengthen the cohesion and identity of Hungarian communities.