Tonns of Aid

Due to the war in Ukraine, human lives are at risk, people lack basic supplies and have been forced to leave their homes. IDPs have reached the Western part of Ukraine and refugees are arriving to Hungary in growing numbers. The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has been providing emergency response from the first day. Daily update.

Foldable guest beds, mattresses and cots are needed in Berehove (08:22)

In addition to food, foldable cots, mattresses and cots for children are urgently needed in Berehovo, Kossuth Radio's „Good Morning, Hungary!” programme reported. Béla Nagy, Chief Elder of the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, said that they are also very grateful for the donations they have received so far.

More than a hundred people served by the Reformed Church of Transcarpathia (12:21)

The Reformed Church in Transcarpathia (RCT) was one of the first to join the process of helping and housing people fleeing the war. More than a hundred people are being cared for in institutions run by the church's diaconal department, according to a report by TV21 channel Uzhhorod. The Diaconal Center of RCT used to have a soup kitchen, anyway, but now they have to provide hot meals to many more people. The kitchen tries to cook quality dishes for the refugees, and the bakery bakes 600-700 loaves of bread a day. Feeding the refugees would be a difficult task if it were not for the support of Hungarian donors, said Béla Nagy. RCT will continue to help all those who come to it in need, regardless of their religion or nationality.

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid has already provided 230 tonnes of aid (18:06)

By wednesday morning, the amount of donations distributed by the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid exceeded 230 tons. Almost half of this amount was delivered to Transcarpathia. The work is being supported by more and more volunteers every day: on wednesday alone, more than 1,500 of them worked in various parts of the country, from the border to the stations.

Prayer for those who helped during the war (20:18)

Every crisis will have its heroes. The flood of refugees from the conflict in Ukraine brings to mind aid workers and volunteers. Aid workers are now working for us, as people with more knowledge, more experience and whose work puts them in the firing line. And we can help them and pray for them," says

Our Father, we bring to you those who have been working where the trouble is for three weeks now! We bring to you those workers whose job it is, when there is a disaster, to organise help, to support in a competent way those who have been displaced, those who have had to flee or those who have been left where the war is. We pray for the workers in the various charities who have seen and dealt with so much hardship in recent times that we would have to break into a fraction of what we have. They are there and they are working, often without sleep, without rest, tired even, often beyond strength. For them we pray first. For those who have undertaken this work and are now doing all they can for those who are suffering.

Let us pray for the volunteers who have joined them, who are often present after work or at night, helping, helping with their hands or driving at the stations, at the borders, at the shelters. Bless their service, give them also strength and love, may none of them run short.

We pray for the people who may have found themselves there for some reason, but who have taken on the task of helping those who are suffering. Please also give strength and blessing to the leaders of the border communities and to the people living there. But also bless the police, doctors, civil servants and soldiers who are giving their knowledge and their work to help. We thank them too.

We thank all those who can help. They can be examples before us now, who we can stand beside for strength and to whom we can add what we know, from a distance.

God bless those who help in times of war! Make them your ambassadors! Amen.

HRCA’s daily operation in numbers

  • Information requested: 2061 persons
  • Transport requested: 64 persons
  • Accommodation requested: 64 persons
  • Mental health assistance: 20 persons
  • Medical care: 132 persons
  • Meals, drinks: 1636 persons
  • Hygiene and childcare products: 376 persons
  • Blankets: 57 persons
  • Number of persons on duty: 136 persons
    • of which volunteers: 113
    • of which health worker: 5
    • of which interpreter: 38

Edited and translated by Anna Derencsényi, international officer of the Diaconia of RCH.