Vaccination Can Be Life Saving

Hospital chaplains and most of the staff of Bethesda Children's Hospital have already recieved their Covid-19 vaccine. In the reformed health institutions, pharmacists guarded the freezer where the vaccines were kept all night. Gyula Rideg, hospital chaplain at Bethesda, said he felt it's his responsibility to get vaccinated as he is working among patients.


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Did you look forward to receiving the vaccine? How did you feel when you got the shot?

I was looking forward to it and I think it's my responsibility to get vaccinated, because I am working with patients on their sickbed. I've read the prospects written for lay people and professionals as well. I only felt a slight sting on my arm where they gave me the shot a day after the vaccination, but that's all. I didn't experience any adverse reaction. I got the card after, which proves that I got the vaccination. The second dose will come at the end of January.

Were you and your colleagues relieved? How did vaccination affect the mood at the hospital?

The fact that we were able to vaccinate in our own hospital and didn't have to go to a vaccination center was a joyful development. Most of the people were happy for the opportunity. I am grateful that our institute was able to organize the vaccination efficently. Everything went so smoothly we didn't have to wait even for a minute.

All doctors wanted the vaccine

"Every doctor at the Bethesda Children's Hospital of the Reformed Church in Hungary signed up for the Coronavirus vaccine and will get the shot," said Nóra Tamásné Bese, head of communication at the institution. Most of the already got their first dose. Those who didn't get it yet are unable to receive the shot because of pregnancy or they were infected with Coronavirus in the past three months. So far 335 colleagues have been vaccinated, which is two thirds of the staff. Naturally everyone of the employees was able to sign up for the vaccination, not only doctors and nurses, but cleaning staff and janitors too. For two nights pharmacists guarded the freezers containing vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech in the reformed hospitals. "We continue to adhere to the strict precautions: we are wearing masks, keeping the distance, but we are relieved spiritually," said Nóra Tamásné Bese, who is also receiving vaccination.

You work in the hospital, not as a doctor, but you have more experience than lay people. Do you recommend to take the vaccine when there's a chance?


This isn't even a question, of course I do! I would like to encourage everyone wholeheartedly not to hesitate. I especially recommend for those who are working with a lot of people like in education, commerce, or congregations. Since we were vaccinated in our childhood we enjoyed the benefits of vaccination. Sceptics say that there isn't enough experience regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, but this isn't true. Many of the previous vaccines helped develop and grow the immunologists' experience, which is used as a base. I would like to ask everyone to accept the professionals' suggestion and presume their goodwill, that they are offering the vaccine to save lives.