You Are Not Alone!

Open letter of thanks and support to the Diaconal Institutions

The Presidency of the Synod addressed an open letter to the staff of the diaconal institutions and healtcare workers of RCH expressing gratitude and appreciation for their restless work in times of the pandemic. Bishop István Szabó and Pál Huszár, ministerial and lay presidents of RCH assured those in the frontline of the prayers and support of the whole community.

“Be strong, do not fear!” (Isaiah 35,4)

“In these demanding times you have been persevering in the diaconal institutions of our church. Thank you for working selflessly and hard for those in need, day by day. For people - elderly, disabled, sick, homeless - who are even more vulnerable and fragile during the coronavirus epidemic than before. We know that the epidemic is not only a huge challenge for you professionally, but it also requires tremendous strength spiritually.

In this crisis, it is especially important for all of us not to grow weary in our service. We need each other’s prayers and solidarity, even more. You are not alone! The leadership of the Reformed Church and the community of hundreds of thousands of Reformed people are praying for you: for all of you who help those in need in health care, in our social institutions, in our social ministries and the community of our congregations. Thank you for not giving in. In the Reformed diaconal institutions about six thousand of you are providing irreplaceable service for the thirty-five thousand people entrusted to you.

The presidency of the Synod of the Reformed Church follows your with attention. We want to give you all the help you need to continue your profession in the safest possible way. We are also constantly intervening with the leaders of our country so that you can receive all the support you need for your essential services.

Thank you for your courage and perseverance. We ask God's blessing upon your life and service!"