Message of the Constituting Synod

We give thanks to God that on that day, 22 May 2009, at 11:00 a. m., The Hungarian Reformed Churches of Hungary, Transcarpathia (Ukraine), Vojvodina (Serbia), Transylvania (Romania) and Partium (Romania) signed a Constitution as one Hungarian Reformed Church.

Twenty years of serious effort have brought us to this momentous step, with which we now give new expression to the centuries-old Hungarian Reformed community. Reformed Hungarians have maintained spiritual and intellectual unity from the century of the Reformation itself. Historical and political struggles have not been able to diminish our solidarity, just as our sense of community remained intact after the Treaty of Trianon and after the proposal to grant citizenship to Hungarians living beyond the borders of present day Hungary was rejected in referendum on 5 December 2004. Our fellowship is reflected also in the fact, that we are celebrating today with all those, as well, who already expressed their will to join, or were not able to fulfill their wish till now.

Today with this common constitution, we express and solidify our unity. According to our Constitution:

  • Any Christian who claims to be a member of the Hungarian Reformed Church shall be considered a member, wherever that person lives, and regardless of whether or not the person's first language is Hungarian.
  • Our Church is a synodal community of member churches, shaping legislation and issuing statements in all those questions in which it is authorised to do so by the highest governing bodies of member churches.
  • The Constitution of our Church allows for and regulates the joining of Hungarian Reformed Churches from areas beyond the Carpathian Basin.
  • In the forming of their internal organisational structures, the member churches are separate and independent. Exceptions to this principle include those questions belonging to the common constitution and common regulations.

Jesus Christ says, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.' (John 14,6) We believe and profess that the truth of Jesus Christ liberates us from all injustice and oppression. We also believe, that His power to heal creates our unity in Him. We believe that if we follow Him then we can be instruments of reconciliation in all circumstances. We believe that the joining together of the Hungarian Reformed Community serves the unity and credible testimony of the universal Church of Jesus Christ, of which all of us are members.

Christ is the future, together we follow Him !