Twinning e-profile

Dear Friends,

We created this online Congregational Profile in order to support in an effective way the development of any partnerships among congregations. As soon as you send the profile, we will get in touch with you and a more personal and hopefully blessed friendship can start.

Data Protection:

We keep all submitted data confidential, store them on the servers of RCH as long as the twinning partner is identified, but no longer than 12 months. Data submitted and entrusted to us are solely accessible for the Ecumenical Office of RCH. We only share your data with the prospective twinning partner. Otherwise we don't share personal data with any third party, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Which WCRC Member-Church does your congregation belong to?

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What is your motivation? What is your expectation, what can you contribute?

Which kind of congregation would you like to be in twinning with?

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