Bridge of Love has Started

The Bridge of Love, also known as the Reformed Volunteer Days in the Carpathian Basin, was launched on Friday. More than 8600 people have registered from Hungary and the neighbouring countries despite the COVID-19 pandemic, says the press release of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA). First time in the history of the two-day event, the program started with blood donation at the House of the Hungarian Millennium. Bishop Zoltán Balog, Ministerial President of the Synod of RCH, also donated blood at the event.

“Blood donation is one of the most beautiful and important form of volunteering that can save lives. Due to the pandemic, fewer people have donated blood in the past months, so it is especially important that those who are capable and feel healthy join the blood donation campaign of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid and the Reformed Church in Hungary,” said Márton Juhász, Director of HRCA, himself a blood donor.

As part of the action, volunteers of the HARCA painted and polished benches in the Budapest Zoo.

Those who want to donate blood can do so not only in the capital. During the two days of the Bridge of Love, the Hungarian Red Cross and the National Blood Transfusion Service will be offering opportunities all over the country.