Christmas with Refugees

This past Thursday, December 20, friends, family and beneficiaries of Kalunba came together and celebrated the holiday season with lots of laughter, good food and great company.

The celebration was hosted at the St Columba’ Church of Scotland, a special location as it was once the home of Kalunba.There were many activities for the kids to enjoy, many crafts including Christmas stockings, mini elves, clothes pins airplanes and some face painting. The adults were able to mingle and catch up on lovely conversations and were also able to share many laughs. Guests enjoyed a lovely concert by The RegŐsök, who sang beautiful carols that filled the church adding to the holiday atmosphere. The kids especially enjoyed the concert as many took chairs and placed them right in front of the choir and watched in awe. One of the choir members explained that having the children running around and getting up close to the choir and dancing had a great impression on everyone.   


One of the most exciting spectacle of the evening was seeing the excitement on the kids faces as gifts were handed out. Many of the kids wasted no time ripping the wrapping paper off to get a peak of what they had received, as for some this was their first time celebrating Christmas, which made it even more exciting!

Kalunba Social Services Non-Profit Ltd. serves as the implementing partner of the RCH Diaconal Office, taking a comprehensive approach to integration work among refugees. The goal is to empower clients, helping them to become independent.


It was a great evening coming together and celebrating the holidays.

Kalunba would like to thank everyone who came out and everyone who was able to help! We wish everyone a happy holiday and a healthy, happy New Year!

Stephanie Chunoo