In-Person Worship Suspended Again

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The Presidency Council of RCH including Bishops and Lay Presidents of the four Church Districts announced the suspension of in-person worship and community life for the period of 8 through 26 March as the country goes into lockdown once again. The hope is that churches will reopen before Easter. This, however, cannot be confirmed before 26 March, says the Communiqué.

The pandemic situation is putting all citizens of Hungary severely to test, and challenges especially those responsible for maintaining order and for our health. Taking into account the evolution of the epidemic and the government measures, based on the mandate anchored in the constitution of the church, the Presidency Council makes the following resolution:

In the period of March 8 to 26 every in-person worships and community events and gatherings will be suspended in the congregations. We shall hold worship services and church events online, using digital tools, taking into account the opportunities of the local churches. We ask all pastors and kirk sessions (local church councils) to seek ways to provide spiritual support to the needy, the sick and the lonely, and to provide assistance even in this emergency to those in need.

We are in solidarity and pray for all those who work to make this harship pass as soon as possible.

While we all fervently wish to get our old lives back, we believe and confess that God offers us a new life. We need to consider how to live a differnt life in the future. That is why we encourage everyone to seek God’s will with special attention and perseverance.

We made our decision in the hope that we can celebrate Easter in worship community, knowing that

"The Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline." (2 Tim 1,7)

Hungary will close almost all shops and services for two weeks along with kindergartens and primary schools for the next month in an effort to tackle the third wave of coronavirus infections. Shops, with the exception of food stores, pharmacies and petrol stations, will be closed and services, with the exception of private health care, suspended between March 8 and 22. Kindergartens and primary schools will be closed from March 8 until April 7. Parks will be allowed to stay open and outdoor sports will also be allowed for activities in which people can maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres. The government asks employers to ensure that their employees can work from home wherever possible, particularly in the case of those with children. Mask-wearing remains mandatory outdoors. Hungary will impose tighter controls on its borders.

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