Election Almost Complete


Synod Hall of RCH

The new Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary will be constituted on 17th February 2021. During the firts session of the coming 6 years legislative period the recently elected standing members of the Synod will elect the Ministerial and Lay President representing RCH in the years to come. The Presiding Bishop and the Lay President will be chosen out of the already elected Bishops and Chief Elders of the four Church Districts of RCH. The ordained and lay presidents represent the church together in public and in the ecumenical community.


Map of the Church Districts

New Bishops and Lay Presidents

In the past months congregations of the four Church Districts of RCH elected Bishops and Lay Presidents to lead the Districts. The new presidiums of the Districts will enter office on 1th January 2021 and will serve in their offices for 6 years. All 4 Bishops and Lay Presidents are ex officio members of the new Synod which will be constituted next February. In chronological order of the announcment of the election results, following people were elected to head the Church Districts.

Danubian Church District (Budapest)


Bishop: Zoltán Balog - Lay President: Sándor Veres

Transdanubian Church District (Pápa)


Bishop: József Steinbach - Lay President: Dr. Pál Nemes

Cistibiscan Church District (Miskolc)


Bishop: Dániel Pásztor - Lay President: Dr. Pál Molnár

Transtibiscan Church District (Debrecen)


Bishop: Dr. Károly Fekete - Lay President: János Molnár

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