Videos from Starpoint

Starpoint is a special conference, a colorful festival, organized for youth by youth. It is held every other year, in a different location each time. At Starpoint more than 3500 young people between the ages of 14 and 35 gather in community to share and discuss the event’s theme.

You are a Star: Starpoint Song

2019: What surrounds You

Your Kingdom is among us: Theme Song from 2019

What surrounds You?

The Festival has started!

2017: Re:form!

Youngsters From the Middle-East

Starpoint 360°

Starpoint by bike

2015: Trust

Gipsy Ministry at Starpoint

Starpoint Teaser (Spot)

2013: Who am I?


Starpoint Kids

We are You

Who am I?

Closing Worship

2011: Relations

Starpoint Foreigners