Mission 2020 Complete

The Wishlist project of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) proved to be a success: 1800 donors offered support to fulfill Christmas wishes of 2020 children in a total value of 50 000 EUR. There was a donor who alone made forty wishes come true and one of the gifts came all the way from Australia. HRCA will deliver the gifts to the parents before Christmas.


Fotó: MRSZ

The campaign titled ‘Voice the wishes!’ was launched by the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid in November, joined by seven well-known actors and actresses. The popular artists voiced the childrens’ Christmas wishes in public service advertisements. The goal was to help make as many come true as possible.

The program proved to be exceptionally successful: in 29 days donors granted all wishes on the jobbadni.hu website. There were two ways to donate: buying the presents directly and deliver to HRCA's headqarters, or offering financial contribution. 1258 people chose to buy the gifts and their donation reached almost 11 million Hungarian Forint. An additional 762 donors offered the price of the selected 'wishes' via bank transfer. Their donation reached over 7,5 million Hungarian Forint. As a result 2020 families will receive Christmas gifts in a total value of 50 000 Euro.

‘Our heart is felt with gratitude for the solidarity, good-will and generosity Hungarians proved even in such a difficult period. There was a donor, who alone fulfilled the wishes of forty children. The program reached far bayond the country's borders: a package came from the remote Australia’ said Márton Juhász, Managing Director of the HRCA. ‘In the coming days we will sort and prepare the packages we already received and buy those gifts which people donated money for. The presents will reach the parents of needy families before Christmas.’

HRCA continues to support those in need also in December. Support will be offered to families and elderly living in difficult financial situation through the Lovebox initiative. The donation will be used by HRCA for buying non-perishable food, detergents and toiletries for people in need.