HRCA Helps Thousands of People at Christmas

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) would make Christmas brighter for more than nine thousand families and elderly people living under difficult circumstances. Several relief actions have been launched, which can be joined by donating items, granting wishes to needy children or donating money.

As in previous years, the Advent collection campaigns of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid started at the beginning of November. Everyone can help to fill the 3,000 Love Boxes placed in schools, workplaces and congregations across the country with preservable food, cleaning and sanitary supplies. These will then be distributed to 6,000 families and elderly people in need, helping to make their daily lives easier. Anyone can support the campaign from home by calling the 1358 donation line. Every call and SMS represent a donation of 500 Hungarian Forint. Offering is also possible online via the website of the HRCA. The campaign will run until 30. November and staff will deliver donations to those in need during the Advent Season.

In addition to the collection of non-perishable food, HRCA will be giving voice to the wishes of 3,000 children in need. Children’s wishes are published on a special website, a platform for parents who are raising their children in rather modest financial circumstances and therefore do not have the opportunity to offer them presents. Donors can grant their personalized wishes in two ways: they can buy a gift and send it to one of the collection points of the HRCA, or if they cannot do so, they can contribute by paying the amount covering the value of a wish. The donations collected will be given to the parents, so the children will have a surprise and the parents will have the joy of giving a gift.

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Fotó: HRCA

The Nyilas Misi Scholarship program has also been relaunched. Formerly known as the "shoebox", the collection campaign is a collection of storybooks and toys. The packages put together by congregation members must indicate the age and gender of the child for whom they are intended. The gifts collected will be given to children in need in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, attending one of the schools of the local Reformed Church.

The HRCA will not forget about the homeless and distributes 450 hot meals to the needy in the capital on the first weekend of November.

“Every year, November and December are the most active periods in the life of our Church Aid. Our staff and volunteers work hard to help as many families, children and elderly people in difficult circumstances as possible. I encourage everyone who can to join one of our programs,” said Annamária Győr-Simon, head of the donation coordination department of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid.

The specialist also pointed out that every year the foundation receives thousands of letters of request for help. Most of these come in during the Advent period. Most of the people in need are asking for help with everyday living; asking for durable food, hygiene products and firewood.

Nyilas Misi Scholarship Program aims to support outstandingly talented, socially disadvantaged students in Hungarian educational system within and without the border of Hungary. In addition to financial support, mentors help students participating in the program to develop their talents. 5-12 students participating in Hungarian and foreign-language education in Hungary are invited for the annual competition. Students who are particularly talented in arts, sports or science, humanities, or socially disadvantaged.

The Box of Love project takes place in the Advent Season. It aims to support socially disadvantaged families with cardboard boxes filled with detergents, toiletries. Each year, thousands of children and families benefit from the in-kind support.

Translated by Bence András Szabó